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Latest innovations include short test, custom confidentiality terms, and interactive visualizations that showcase sentiment and intent utilizing machine learning

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – July 14, 2021 –UserTesting, a leading provider of on-demand human insight, today announced new features that help teams quickly validate any decision, present custom confidentiality terms when gathering feedback, and save time collecting intelligent insights quickly with visualizations powered by machine learning. 

With UserTesting’s latest release, companies can now:

Quickly validate any decision with short, 5-min video responses

UserTesting’s new short test feature makes collecting diverse customer perspectives faster and easier by asking a few targeted questions that return five-minute video responses. This new type of test is perfect for any team conducting short preference or A/B tests, gathering first impressions, benchmarking, testing concepts, and more. New templates for common scenarios empower any team, regardless of experience, to gather impactful feedback and perspectives across core audiences.

Present custom terms when gathering feedback on early concepts, assets and unreleased experiences UserTesting is committed to safeguarding confidential and sensitive information. Several confidentiality and data security measures are in place that help protect customers’ sensitive information. For example, when individuals sign up to be a part of the Contributor Network, they agree to the Contributor Terms of Service. These terms obligate them to protect any confidential information that they may view and access while completing tests created by customers. 

With this release, UserTesting has introduced an improved and streamlined experience for presenting custom confidentiality terms directly within the platform -- offering an added layer of confidentiality awareness for customers who want to get feedback from contributors about sensitive information. Companies can now present custom terms directly to contributors before they even see the test or answer a single question. This feature helps companies -- from early-stage startups to large enterprises -- remind contributors of important obligations when they are reviewing sensitive assets such as early concepts, designs, and prototypes. 

Save time with interactive visualizations that evaluate and summarize customer perspectives 

UserTesting’s sentiment path and intent path save time by automatically identifying sentiment and intent patterns across contributor responses for web-based experiences, including mobile-web and web-hosted prototypes. The interactive visualizations highlight patterns and anomalies in the contributor feedback and then enable a deeper dive into critical moments. For example, customers testing the checkout process on their website would be able to see moments in the flow where their audience responded more or less positively and would also get insight into their customers’ intent at each stage of the journey. 

Designed to help users save time when evaluating verbal responses, UserTesting’s new keyword map uses machine learning algorithms to gather intelligent insights and visually sort the most frequently used keyword adjectives using UserTesting’s sentiment analysis model. For example, organizations often want to understand how new content or experiences resonate with their target audiences. With keyword map, these companies can understand common or interesting themes in their customers’ verbal responses and prioritize which contributor perspective to watch first. 

"As companies and consumers increase their reliance on digital experiences, data and metrics alone are not enough. UserTesting enables companies to get real customer feedback at scale, so they can improve all of their experiences. The new use cases enabled by the short test feature and the new machine-learning driven data visualizations make capturing and acting on human insights more accessible and scalable, critical for companies in today's fast-paced environment," said Rebecca Wettemann, principal analyst, Valoir Inc.

“The ability for companies to gather quick customer perspectives, keep information secure, and gain stronger insights through visualizations makes a huge difference in the race that many companies find themselves in today,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting. "These latest innovations from UserTesting are designed to make gathering human insights easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and UserTesting is focused on ensuring companies make the best decisions with human insights included.”

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