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FLVC + UserTesting

How FLVC used customer research to create a tailored, successful Virtual College Week
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About FLVC

The Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC), provides statewide educational services for Florida's kindergarten through adult students. Working collaboratively with Florida’s 12 public universities, 28 public colleges, K-12 school districts, and other partners, FLVC provides free services to help students go to college, succeed in school, prepare for career success, and in life after graduation.

FLVC Achieved
Improved marketing performance
Increased engagement and attendance
More effective course content


FLVC needed more actionable insights to better understand how to message effectively to prospective students.

Through, a statewide hub of innovative educational services, FLVC wanted to leverage those insights to improve their messaging and resources in events such as Virtual College Week to attract students and empower them to succeed as they prepare for careers. 


The team set up a series of Live Conversation studies with prospective students, parents, and other stakeholders. The screener questions were designed to target specific participants from UserTesting’s panel, including freshmen and sophomores, and parents with students in high school or in their early college experiences.

These conversations uncovered what topics each group believed would be most valuable, what format would be most helpful to them, and which communication channels they would recommend in order to get the word out about Virtual College week.


The Virtual College Week team was able to turn the feedback from the research into actionable changes that made a difference to their desired outcomes. This inlcuded revising the session format and shortening the length of sessions from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. The fast feedback also uncovered new marketing channels for the event, which FLVC was able to leverage, leading to increased interaction and registration on the Virtual College Week site.

Dawn Aguero from Florida Virtual Campus
Dawn Aguero User-Centered Design Analyst

“UserTesting helped us increase engagement in our programming that will ultimately improve access to college for all students in Florida.”