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Deciding which audiences you’re getting feedback from is critical. Depending on your organization’s goals and needs, you may want to test with your own audience instead of using the UserTesting Contributor Network.


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Custom Network allows you to invite, onboard, and connect with your customers, partners, employees, and more. If you desire targeted and specific insights about your product, services, or brand, leverage your customers and gather feedback using the Human Insight Platform. 

What are the benefits of Custom Network?

Learning about your current customers and how to meet their needs best is essential, and the process can only be improved if you streamline the recruiting process. Custom Network enables you to access feedback more efficiently so your team can continue to make customer-centric decisions. When there’s less time needed for screening, scheduling, and compensating your contributors, you can spend more time on what matters—collecting insights to optimize your experiences and understand customer needs. 

When you invite and onboard your audience to the UserTesting platform, scheduling, targeting, managing incentive payments, and handling contributors’ personal data is done easily. This reduces the time you spend preparing for research, enabling you to receive human insight from your target audience faster. 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Simplify panel management: Streamline the recruitment and management of test contributors so that you can get insight from your exact audience more efficiently.
  • Target your ideal audience with ease: Custom Network features custom filters to help you target your users through attributes that are unique to your organization. As a plus, Custom Network allows you to test with the same contributors repeatedly, simplifying future testing. 
  • Access contributors safely and securely: With Custom Network, you can securely get feedback from your contributors while ensuring the privacy of your panel. Rest assured, your panels are only accessible to your organization. 

Custom Networks take the hassle out of collecting customer feedback by enabling organizations to create and connect with panels of their users, prospects, partners, and even employees within the UserTesting platform. This option allows your team to expand your targeting preferences from the UserTesting Contributor Network to include panels of your custom audiences.