How UserTesting applies Human Insight

Connecting the dots between what people think, feel, say, and do.

What is human insight?

The world has access to more data than ever before. But analytics only tell us what people do; it doesn’t explain why they do it, or what they’re feeling. That’s where human insight comes in.

Human insight is the process of understanding your customer by listening and observing with empathy. It enables you to connect the dots between what people think, feel, say and do. Traditionally, human insight was acquired through market research, interviews, and focus groups, a process that takes weeks to months. Today, modern teams need to get the empathy that comes with human insight in real time, and apply it to every business decision. Human insight makes your enterprise more customer savvy and helps you create compelling customer experiences.


UserTesting’s Human Insight Platform

Our Human Insight Platform enables companies to see, hear, and talk to their customers in real time as they engage with almost any product, campaign or experience. More than half of the world’s top 100 brands use the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to make more informed, customer-centric business decisions based on human insight.

With UserTesting you can


1. Target

Access our diverse network of contributors, or connect with your own customers, partners, or employees to get rapid feedback on any experience.


2. Engage

Understand the “why” behind the “what” by empathizing with your users through self-guided video recordings or live interviews.


3. Discover

Browse video transcripts, tag themes, and create notes to uncover insights about almost any experience and customer interaction.


4. Share

Highlight, clip, and share key insights from your videos across your organization and collaborate on findings.