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Liquid Agency + UserTesting

Discover how user insights help shape brand strategy and creative for Liquid’s clients
Industry: Agency, Professional services
Company Size: Medium
Role: Marketer, Researcher
Customer Type: B2B, B2C

About Liquid Agency

Liquid Agency is a brand culture agency that provides services in the areas of brand, culture, and experience design, as well as managing campaigns and media. Founded in 2000, Liquid’s clients include Walmart, Silicon Valley Bank, UserTesting, Intel, and others.

Liquid Agency achieved


Faster than traditional research to build campaigns with customer feedback

Customer insights provided greater confidence in creative recommendations to the client


Cost savings with automated recruiting and testing through Marketing Insight


After 20 years of helping the world’s leading brands, such as Walmart, Microsoft, and Intel, Liquid Agency has become known for aligning brands with an organization’s true meaning and purpose to unlock the company’s potential.

Liquid’s reputation made the agency a perfect fit for UserTesting, which was looking for help introducing the brand to more audiences.

But like many marketing initiatives, timelines were short. In a matter of weeks, Liquid had to conduct research, synthesize findings, go through the creative process, gain buy-in from the customer, and execute the plan. Traditional research such as focus groups or surveys would take too long to provide timely insights from UserTesting's customers.


Liquid used Marketing Insight, UserTesting’s fast and intuitive solution that enables marketers to easily get fast feedback on any brand concept, campaign, or strategy.  

Using pre-written quick answer tests allowed Liquid to get started and quickly align with UserTesting on campaign strategy early in the process. Time saved preparing and conducting testing also allowed Liquid to spend more time identifying the right contributors and iterate on concepts with confidence. 

“Marketing Insight is intuitive and has been easy to use right from the start. It blew my mind to see that I was able to get so much valuable feedback in just about an hour,” said Samantha Tazzia, Campaign Planner at Liquid.

She said one of the best things was watching videos from the testing.

“In a number of instances hearing how contributors talked through the various options we presented them changed how we thought about those options,” she said. “Specifically, hearing people stumble over messaging multiple times before they understood it—even if ultimately they came to like that particular version—really changed our perception of that option.

“Yes, we want them to like it. But they’ve also got to be able to understand it quickly. We only have a few seconds to communicate our message.”


“Without access to the UserTesting network, we would not have been able to incorporate customer feedback into the strategy, messaging or creatives and may have missed the mark in terms of communicating value,” Tazzia said. “The feedback also made it easier to communicate findings with UserTesting to get their buy-in.”

To build the campaign Liquid Agency ran 12 tests over three weeks, which was 75% faster than it would take to get similar feedback with traditional research. It also only cost 25% as much since recruiting and testing are automated with Marketing Insight.

“By using UserTesting to collect feedback, we were able to get insights from customers that we wouldn’t have been able to capture otherwise,” said Dennis Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer at Liquid. “The decision was between testing fast, or not testing at all.”

Hahn was so impressed with UserTesting that Liquid is now a customer. He plans to leverage UserTesting’s fast feedback and insights with Liquid’s other clients.

“You just can’t get that type of insight with other platforms,” he said. 

Nathan Sundberg
Strategy Director, Liquid Agency

"For us, UserTesting is key not only for sharpening the work we produce for our clients, but also to help build their comfort level with research and feedback. It's as much a means of education as it is a means of enabling customer understanding—a magical intersection that really makes a difference for us and our clients."


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