The Stars Group + UserTesting

Learn how the Stars Group uses insights from customers to build enjoyable gaming experiences
Industry: Gaming
Company Size: Large
Role: Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About The Stars Group

The Stars Group is a global leader in the online and mobile gaming and interactive entertainment industries, entertaining millions of customers across its online real- and play-money poker, gaming and betting product offerings. Collectively, The Stars Group brands have millions of registered customers globally, forming one of the world’s largest publicly listed online gaming companies. On May 5, 2020, Flutter Entertainment acquired and merged with The Stars Group. 

The Stars Group achieved

Fast feedback improved productivity and reduced costs
Expanded the brand’s geographic reach
Acquired new customers and cross-sell opportunities


The Stars Group has always been focused on putting their customers first to create great gaming experiences. They intuitively knew that a customer-centric focus would create an environment for value creation and sustainable business growth.

However, in order to grow their business they also needed to expand their geographic reach and acquire new customers. At the same time, they needed to improve their efficiency to avoid wasted dollars on investments that wouldn't deliver a significant return. 

To accomplish these goals, the team first needed to identify and prioritize ways to improve the touchpoints and experiences across their customers' gaming journey. That's when they turned to UserTesting.


The Stars Group hired a team of UX researchers to support each vertical and focus their understanding on the most critical customer needs, wants, and expectations at multiple touchpoints and interactions. 

The team then purchased a UserTesting license and began conducting interviews with prospective customers in new markets to identify unmet needs and start to close the empathy gap between what they believed and what their customers actually wanted, or even expected.



As a result, The Stars Group not only identified numerous ways to create more personalized customer experiences, but is actually having competitions internally to see who can create the best ideas to bridge more empathy gaps and humanize experiences.

The UX research team now has a more influential role in shaping business strategy. With UserTesting, they now have standardized processes to create tailored solutions for each vertical. Because they have access to fast feedback, they are connecting with their customers in a more meaningful way by developing a more holistic, gut-level understanding about what they need, rather than presuming what they want.

Bridging this empathy gap has not only allowed them to personalize experiences that keep customers coming back, but it has also improved productivity, reduced costs, and helped identify new customers and cross-sell opportunities.

Daryn Hobden
Department Head of UX Architecture

“With UserTesting, it is so much quicker to gain insights and deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers.”