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More than 20% of people in both the UK and the US have some form of disability. Despite this, accessibility tends to be overlooked when designing digital experiences.    

From a business perspective, the failure to design for all users is a huge lost opportunity. One in five potential customers is being excluded if accessibility is not considered. Furthermore, the pandemic has driven people of all abilities online and to use digital products they've never used before.  

This means designers need to develop and improve digital experiences with accessibility at the front of their minds.  In this comprehensive guide, we'll look at building a business case for accessibility, and we’ll gather together some practical tips for designing digital products for users with a range of disabilities.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to make your digital experience accessible
  • How to get stakeholders on board with accessibility
  • Tips for testing your website for accessibility
  • Specific guidance on designing for older users, blind or visually impaired people, and people with dyslexia
  • Tools and resources for improving online accessibility
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