10 LinkedIn groups every CX professional should join

Posted on August 21, 2018
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LinkedIn is more than a social media channel, it’s a place to network, learn, and build community with like-minded professionals. LinkedIn Groups provide members with the opportunity to ask questions and gain invaluable insights from fellow professionals and resources, especially when it comes to new and evolving ideas and trends. Since the topic of customer experience (CX) has become more important than ever, we wanted to share some of our picks for great CX communities on LinkedIn. Below are 10 top groups that are sharing best practices to help you take your CX to the next level.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

  • 101,546 Members
  • One of the largest CX groups on LinkedIn.

Customer Experience Management Professionals

  • 31,312 Members
  • This group promotes networking and best practices sharing among CX managers across fields and industries.

Customer Experience Professionals

  • 26,347 Members
  • A great group to join if you want to network with like-minded industry leaders and gain perspective from a wide range of CX professionals.

CRM and Customer Experience Professionals

  • 24,051 Members
  • For professionals looking for organizational solutions that benefit the customer experience.

Retail Customer Experience Professionals

  • 16,778 Members
  • This group is devoted to helping retailers differentiate on experience, rather than on price.

Airline Customer Experience Professionals (Aviation, Travel and Hotel)

  • 11,748 Members
  • Specific to professionals in the airline industry. The group's goal is to help share experiences, discuss best practices, functions, and metrics, and help each other to develop, professionally.

Automotive Customer Experience Association

  • 11,461 Members
  • This group is for professionals in the automotive industry. Its goal is to help share CX best practices, including collecting customer feedback, measuring customer value and driving change at critical customer touchpoints.

Customer Experience Network

  • 8,146 Members
  • A network of CX professionals focused on unlocking and understanding the customer journey and its impact on the bottom line of any business.

Customer Experience Solutions

  • 7,481 Members
  • Professionals in the customer contact field sharing best practices to improve customer interactions and experiences.

CX Network

  • 5,535 Members
  • This group provides customer experience, service, insight, marketing and digital leaders with high-quality content, and live events across the globe.

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