News you can use: 5 stories to inspire your customer-centric organization

By Jennifer DeRome | September 24, 2019
News you can use: 5 stories to inspire your customer-centric organization

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing how our customers leverage the UserTesting platform to meet their customer-centric goals and become heroes within their organizations.  So we’re sharing some of our favorite articles and interviews from around the web to inspire you with ideas for new ways to gather and leverage human insights. Enjoy!

1. Google’s core algorithm updates and the power of user studies

Why you should read this It’s no secret that Google’s core rankings impact essentially everyone with a presence on the web. What you might not know, however, is how Google’s core rankings value the incorporation of human insights into a site’s design and functionality. Check out this article by Glenn Gabe to get a closer look at how qualitative and quantitative insights work together to create better experiences on the web—and better SEO!

2. How we renovated our homepage from the ground up

Why you should read this Business is booming and more people than ever are visiting your site. That’s a great position to be in as a budding startup, but if you’re not constantly checking in with your new customers, it can quickly morph into a problem. Learn how real estate innovator Opendoor leveraged UserTesting to test sketches and prototypes with real users before rolling out their new homepage design—and enjoyed a 7% increase in conversions as a result.

3. Is ‘convenience’ a sustainable source of advantage?

Why you should read this UserTesting recently hosted a fintech-focused dinner with industry experts in Edinburgh. Hear from Lloyd’s Bank Design Lead, Keely Flint for a recap of the event and some insightful takeaways. 

4. Don’t talk about customers—talk to them

Why you should listen to this If you’ve never heard of the empathy gap before, this interview is for you. Hear from UserTesting’s CMO, Michelle Huff, on why establishing a genuine, emotional connection with customers is a critical step in developing products and services that drive customer loyalty.

5. 4 customer data collection best practices to follow

Why you should read this Whether we like it or not, our data is everywhere. How companies handle customer data collection is a sensitive—but important–topic. Hear from UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes, and many other industry experts, on tips and best practices for handling customer data right and using it to create better experiences.

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