Four tips on extracting UX insights from videos faster

By UserTesting | July 20, 2023

Moving out of one’s comfort zone is hard. It’s called a comfort zone for a reason. With technological advances many researchers are transitioning from moderated traditions to unmoderated methods and in doing so we tend to gravitate towards the familiar. Familiar, in this case, is capturing our participants’ behaviors and hearing their thoughts with video capture tools.

Some researchers take the convenience of collecting data remotely as an opportunity to collect more videos. However, not all unmoderated research tools provide users with tools to make it feasible to analyze more videos. Sure, random sampling is always an option but how much better would it be to select videos based on behavioral or attitudinal metrics? In this article I’ll share four ways the UserZoom platform helps you optimize and focus your video analysis time.

1) Look at participants who mis-perceive their own task success

One UserZoom feature – validation by URL – enables tasks done on publicly-accessible, interactive web pages (e.g., Invision prototype or a live website) to be automatically marked as successful when the participant lands on a specific URL. Paired with buttons for participants to self-report success or failure, you can filter videos by participants who reported success but failed to reach the correct page.

2) Look at participants who report low post-task satisfaction

Use the single ease question (SEQ) after participants complete a task to measure their perception of usability based on the last attempted task. By filtering on scores at the very difficult end of the spectrum, you can focus on participants who had difficulty with task – even if they successfully completed it!

3) Look at participants who can’t find key information or features

With UserZoom’s click test you can use static images (e.g., wire frames or screenshots) and rectangular overlays to capture task success or failure data when the participant clicks on or outside of a specific area. By following the click test with an interactive version of the task, you can filter the videos by participants who initially fail to find the search feature, for example.

There are, of course, several other types of data you can capture in UserZoom to filter your participants’ videos. I’m sure you’ve already come up with a few!

4) Extract more insights faster with Video Transcripts

Thanks to our brand new Winter Release (live on January 31), you’ll be able to cut your video analysis time in half with Video Transcripts. Here are some of the key features:

  • You can read along with the transcript as your user describes their journey, or resume auto-scroll if you’re manually scrolling.
  • You can search for specific words that may be of interest
  • Transcripts are fully synced with video, so you can click on a sentence to jump to the specific moment
  • Copy and paste a selected sentence and even export the whole transcript
  • Easily a highlight reel of clips based on a specific part of the transcript

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