New test types and interactive visualizations: January 2021 Product Release

Posted on January 21, 2021
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Listening to and empathizing with customers is core to UserTesting’s mission. And our latest updates to the UserTesting Human Insight Platform showcase new test types and interactive visualizations that help you meet your customers’ evolving needs.

Included in this January 2021 Product Release are the following features and updates:

  • Card sorting—adapt to rapidly changing customer needs—or changes in your business—with timely feedback about how your digital properties are organized
  • Prioritization matrix—collect objective feedback from customers to help make informed prioritization decisions that reduce organizational risk
  • TestFlight mobile iOS app testing—gather valuable feedback on ease of use and value before you release your iOS apps on the App Store with a TestFlight link
  • System usability scale plus (SUS+)—measure a product’s perceived usability with a standardized template that can be easily used to compare products or track progress over time
  • Click maps—save time by identifying insights more easily with a visual, interactive representation of all contributor clicks and inputs on websites and hosted prototypes
  • Improved sharing options–securely share clip, video, and highlight reel links with any colleague, executive, or stakeholder with ease.
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Understand how customers organize information and prioritize needs—so you can deliver what they want

1. Card sorting

Card sorting is a research method used to group, label, and describe information more effectively, based on feedback from customers or users. Previously, in-person card sorting was the favored method of testing (over remote) because it allowed researchers to gather qualitative customer insights in addition to the quantitative. With card sorting now available on the Human Insight Platform, you can capture qualitative insights remotely alongside the quantitative.

For more information on card sorting and when to use it, you can read the deep dive, here.

2. Prioritization matrix

Meeting your customers’ needs means understanding what matters most to them. Product managers, UX researchers, and CX stakeholders are constantly prioritizing features and projects based on the needs of their customers. What better way to do that than by letting your customers weigh in? 

With our newest test type, you can now get objective feedback from customers to help you prioritize tasks or features on your product roadmap or project plan. This will help you make informed prioritization decisions that reduce the risk of likelihood you work on the wrong tasks first, and will help secure internal alignment.

prioritization matrix

Combined with the UserTesting Contributor Network, the prioritization matrix will provide you with insights that tell you what your customers expect you to focus on, and the UserTesting video recordings will uncover why they need it.

New test types to understand how your experiences are resonating with customers

3. TestFlight mobile iOS app testing

Easily test unreleased iOS mobile apps in a seamless, native Apple iOS experience. Gathering feedback before releasing to the App Store ensures you address any essential features or flaws at any stage of your development cycle. With the added ability to use TestFlight, our customers have even more options when testing unreleased apps with their own users and UserTesting contributors.

For more information on TestFlight mobile iOS testing, you can read the deep dive, here.

4. System usability scale plus (SUS+)

The system usability scale plus is a great tool for measuring the perceived usability of a product or experience. The scale consists of a ten-item questionnaire with five response options for contributors—ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. It also includes two optional questions that measure adjective rating and promoter score.

system usability scale plus (SUS+)

Our solution calculates the SUS score as well as learnability, usability, adjective average, and net promoter scores based on contributor responses. This is especially helpful if you need:

  • A quick solution for evaluating the usability of a product (digital or otherwise) with an output that can easily be compared to other solutions, including competitive solutions
  • To make better decisions during the design process by comparing two or more designs or prototypes and capturing perceived usability with a consistent methodology  
  • To design consistent longitudinal studies that measure perceived usability over time, even as products evolve and change

Similar to the prioritization matrix, when combined with the UserTesting Contributor Network, our SUS+ solution will provide you with both the quantitative and qualitative insights that reveal your customers’ perceived usability of a product.

Save time during post-test analysis with powerful and interactive visualizations

5. Click maps

As part of our ongoing efforts to simplify post-test analysis, we’re excited to announce that click maps will join Interactive Path Flows as the latest update in our strategy to aggregate contributor interaction data into visualizations.

Click maps provide an interactive visual representation of all contributor clicks and inputs on websites and hosted prototypes. This saves time during post-test analysis by helping companies quickly evaluate critical site interactions and then drill down further to get additional context and watch customers explain their thought process as they complete tasks and navigate sites. 

For more information on click maps and how it fits into our overall interactive visualization offering, you can read the deep dive, here.

Stay up-to-date

We release product updates on a quarterly basis. And if you’d like a full recap of our October 2020 Product Release, you can view our blog. As always, we’re excited to bring these new innovations designed to help you meet the evolving needs of your customers. To hear more about our newest capabilities, please join our January 2021 Product Release webinar

And if you’d like to learn more about any of these features, contact your account team or reach out to us here.

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