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Taking insights to the next level: July 2020 product releases

UserTesting  |  July 15, 2020

Constant innovation for our customers is core to UserTesting’s mission and our latest updates to the UserTesting platform showcase integrations and cutting-edge technology that help you extend your reach and expand the spectrum of opportunities—taking your insights to the next level.

Included in the July 2020 Product Release are the following features and updates:

  • My Panel—the easiest way for you to collect feedback from your own panels within the UserTesting platform
  • Additional country targeting filters—so you can reach the right audience
  • Suggested Sentiment—increasing your speed to insights through sentiment analysis
  • Jira Integration—putting product feedback where your teams need it most
  • Camera Tasks for mobile tests—so you can be where your customers are and see everything they experience

Extend your reach with new ways to connect with target audiences

1. My Panel

My Panel takes the hassle out of collecting feedback from your own audiences. Create and connect with panels of your users, partners, employees, and more through the UserTesting platform. Efficiently capture insights from your ideal audience by recruiting, managing, and targeting test participants through the platform while getting feedback through self-guided video recordings or Live Conversations.

At a glance, My Panel allows you and your teams to:

  • Simplify the recruitment and management of test participants
  • Target your ideal panelist on attributes that are unique to your business through custom filters
  • Securely get feedback from participants while complying with even the strictest privacy legislation like GDPR

You can read the deep dive into our My Panel release, here.

2. Additional country filters

Country demographic filters make it easy to target test participants living in different parts of the world. Australia, Canada, India, United Kingdom, and the United States are our standard country filters that support the most frequent testing with several screener questions and multiple demographic filters. As the UserTesting Panel grows from global applicants, so does the ability to target and test with participants in even more countries across the globe.  

We are happy to announce the release of additional country targeting filters—an easy way to target test participants in more countries. Now easily connect with participants in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia,  Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and UAE—for a grand total of 30 additional country targeting filters.

additional country filters

Accelerate analysis with machine learning

3. Suggested Sentiment

In April we released Sentiment Tagging. And continuing along the path of helping customers locate key moments related to sentiment, and leveraging machine learning to provide sentiment analysis at an insanely fast speed, we’re pleased to introduce Suggested Sentiment.

Suggested Sentiment automatically surfaces moments of negative and positive sentiment when you are reviewing a completed session in the UserTesting video player. These machine learning-generated indications automatically highlight phrases to help you more quickly locate important and interesting moments of insight—ensuring your time is optimized and spent on high impact analysis.

You can learn more about how Suggested Sentiment works, here.

Bring insights to where decisions are made with a new integration

4. Jira Integration

It’s our mission to provide product managers and developers with the technology and integrations they need to collect, share, and leverage customer insights where and when they need it most. 

Starting today, you can now share and view UserTesting video clips directly within Jira, the #1 software development tool used by agile teams, to gain immediate access to customer insights.

You can learn more about our third technical integration, here.

Take mobile testing capabilities beyond the screen

5. Camera Tasks for mobile tests

Learning about your customers’ lives—where they are, what they’re doing, and how they go about completing everyday tasks—yields a cornucopia of insights that helps you design targeted experiences that meet your customers’ needs. 

Available later in July, improved Camera Tasks for mobile tests will provide a streamlined experience when creating tests that uses the participant’s rear-facing camera on their mobile devices. By using participants’ cameras as a direct sightline into their lives and environments, you can be everywhere they are, and see everything they encounter and experience. This is especially important these days where COVID-19 shelter in place restrictions make it impossible to run on-premise lab testing and conduct at-home visits. 

Stay tuned. We'll share more about Camera Tasks for mobile tests on our blog.

Stay up-to-date

We’re excited to bring these new innovations designed to help you get feedback more efficiently and effectively than ever before. To hear more about our newest capabilities, please join our July Product Release webinar

If you’d like to learn more about any of these features, contact your account team or reach out to us here.

July 2020 product release webinar

Learn how we’re helping customers capture better insights by extending our best-in-class testing capabilities.

Watch recording

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