Launching UserTesting AI video series — All Things AI

By UserTesting | August 23, 2023
All things AI

UserTesting is excited to announce the launch of All Things AI, a video series that explores the evolving world of artificial intelligence. In this video series, UserTesting’s machine learning (ML) team sits down with our own AI domain experts, customers, and partners to discuss the emerging technology’s role in customer experience.

We’ll be speaking with thought leaders in product, design, research, engineering, and other disciplines to unpack opportunities and risks AI creates in the field of product and experience development.

With AI going mainstream, the conversation has gone from “what can we do with AI?” to “what must we do with AI?” and “what do we need to know about AI—right now—to do our jobs well?” Our guests will look at these questions, and others, as they explore topics like:

  • How AI-enabled tools can elevate our roles 
  • AI-enabled experiences 
  • The evolution of ML engineering 
  • Designing for AI interfaces and AI agents 
  • AI bias 
  • AI hallucinations 
  • And more! 

Whether you’re new to AI or an AI domain expert, this series is for anyone interested in how AI is shaping the creation and evaluation of customer experiences. 

So, be sure to subscribe to the UserTesting YouTube channel to get notifications for new All Things AI episodes released every Wednesday.

Want to learn how UserTesting is using AI and ML? Check out UserTesting’s AI vision.

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