Level-up your Research Ops program with UserZoom's first EnjoyHQ integration

By UserTesting | July 19, 2021
level up your researchops with our enjoyhq integration

Research Operations program can make your user research activities easier, more consistent, and provide a centralized approach to customer and user insight, helping you make better design and product decisions, faster.

But despite the benefits of ResearchOps, just 61% of research executives currently have a strategy in place. The journey to operationalize UX research isn’t straightforward, as you need multiple team members’ input, a tool that’ll help you manage each stage of the process, and time to create repeatable workflows for every repetitive task.

UserZoom + EnjoyHQ

To help you overcome these ResearchOps challenges, we’re proud to announce the first phase of our integration with EnjoyHQ, the market-leading experience insights hub.

This first release of UserZoom's integration with EnjoyHQ helps research teams to automatically sync their participant video clips for rapid analysis, synthesis, and sharing. 

This means less time is spent exporting and uploading clips from UserZoom, and more time uncovering actionable insights and making informed product decisions.

How the integration works

You will find the UserZoom Integration on the Integrations page in EnjoyHQ.

Authenticate using your UserZoom credentials, select the account from which you want to sync your participants’ video clips (if you have access to more than one), then choose how far back in time you’d like to sync these clips from. 

EnjoyHQ Integrations page

EnjoyHQ Integrations page

Save your preferences and congratulations, your UserZoom account is synced to EnjoyHQ! Now clips made from each participant’s session recording will automatically appear in EnjoyHQ as Documents that can be added to your Projects or Stories.

How UserZoom clips will look in EnjoyHQ

What’s coming next

This is just the first step on the road for the UserZoom/EnjoyHQ Integration. Expect more data syncing between UserZoom and EnjoyHQ over the coming months which will bring even more ways to collect, share and analyze the UX insights gathered from your UserZoom studies.

The UserZoom/EnjoyHQ integration will help break down the silos between your cross-functional teams and uncover powerful, actionable insights to make better product decisions.

Stay tuned for more news and information over the next few weeks.

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