Driving more efficient ways of collecting and interpreting feedback: October 2021 Product Release

Posted on October 14, 2021
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We believe all teams should build empathy for their customers and bring real human insight into any decision. Doubling down on this mission, we’re excited to announce that our latest market release provides teams with more efficient ways to capture and interpret feedback. Specifically, we’re launching new features that help teams more easily collect feedback, analyze it, and generate perspectives that can lead to actionable insights. 

Included in this October 2021 Product Release are the following features and updates:

  • Instant insight: save time and identify more findings by automatically surfacing patterns, trends, and anomalies for tasks-based questions
  • Path filter: quickly focus on specific contributor behaviors in a path flow visualization using a powerful search that filters for specific pages, intents, or sentiments
  • Intent path: explore patterns and anomalies in feedback with a visualization that summarizes behavior on web-based experiences
  • Build-your-own test invitations: connect with your audience(s) more quickly with build-your-own test invitations and inform contributors of test details by sending custom email invitations through the UserTesting platform
  • Preview for mobile: evaluate mobile tests before launching them with a new, more streamlined experience for viewing the test experience from the contributor’s perspective
  • Template preview: view the entire template test plan before launching to validate that the test will generate the desired insights

Let’s dive in.

Introducing new features to help you evaluate and interpret feedback more easily

When it comes down to it, we never have time to do all the things want to or think we should. However, getting valuable customer feedback should never be put on the back burner. That’s why we’re excited to announce the following features which will help you speed up your time to insight.

1. Instant insight

Instant insight is one of our newest features that helps you save time during post-test analysis and generate actionable findings by automatically surfacing interesting patterns, trends, and anomalies for task-based questions.

Instant insight only works for web-based experiences and task-based questions. After a test is completed, the UserTesting platform automatically analyzes the results, identifies layers of data around intent, sentiment, and contributor flows, and generates insights on top of that data.

Instant insight in product

For more information about instant insights and how to use them, check out our post on the UserTesting Blog.

2. Path filter

Building on our interactive path flows feature released earlier this year, path filter adds a layer of powerful filtering that helps you understand contributor behavior faster than ever before. By using integrated search functionality, you can easily look for specific page URLs, page titles, sentiment, or intent based on what you’re curious to learn more about.

Path filter in product

All you have to do is begin typing a query and the search bar returns the top results. Once a search term is selected, the total number of contributors and/or screens is displayed within the search bar. Then, automatically, the path visualization updates to highlight the paths that match the query selected.

For more information on this feature and how to use it best, check out our Knowledgebase article.

3. Intent path

Layered directly on top of our interactive path flow feature, the addition of intent path allows you to see your test contributor’s intent when going from one screen to another. Rather than watching videos one after another, you can focus on areas with unexpected behavioral patterns.

Intent path in product

Ultimately, intent path allows you to save time during analysis by automatically detecting over 100 of the most common behaviors based on how contributors interact with different web-based experiences. The top behaviors are then visualized on a path flow, highlighting critical interactions while contributors complete tasks.

With this latest update, you can share insights more effectively with custom intent path labels that can help align the visualization to study objectives and preferred terminology.  

For more information on this feature and how to use it best, check out our Knowledgebase article.

Introducing new features to help you quickly capture feedback with increased confidence

When it comes to collecting feedback, you always want to be sure that you’re delivering the best test experience to your contributors that you can. By providing frictionless test experiences you can be confident that you’re receiving the most accurate feedback possible—free of distractions and confusion. 

Let’s take a look at our newest features that help you do just that.

4. Build-your-own test invitations

Last year we launched Custom Network (previously known as My Panel)—in order to help you test with your own audiences more efficiently and capture insights from them all within the UserTesting platform. In an effort to continually make it easier to test with your own customers, partners, employees, and more, we’re excited to launch build-your-own test invitations for Customer Network.

Build-your-own test invitations

This new feature allows you to inform contributors of test details by sending custom email invitations through the UserTesting platform. More than that, it allows you to create invitations with your own branding—allowing you to build trust with your networks.

Now you can tap into insights from people within your unique demographics faster than ever before. For more information on this feature and how to use it best, check out our Knowledgebase article.

5. Preview for mobile

Our newest preview for mobile feature enables you to easily review your mobile tests for quality and accuracy before launching them to contributors. Essentially, it allows you to more easily see the full test experience exactly as a contributor would so you can ensure you’re delivering a frictionless experience, including accuracy of tasks and instructions, rendering of assets, the functionality of links, and soundness of the test plan.

All you have to do is scan a QR code displayed on your desktop using your mobile device and you’ll automatically be dropped into the preview experience.

For more information on this feature and how to use it best with iOS or Android, check out our Knowledgebase article.

6. Template preview

After releasing our in-product template gallery and the numerous templates that came with it earlier this year, we’ve listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that we’re launching the ability to preview the test plans before selecting one.

With template preview, you can now view the entire test plan to see that it will help you elicit the exact feedback you’re intending to receive from your desired audience.

For more information on this feature, check out our Knowledgebase article.

UserTesting now in German 

In addition to these new features, the UserTesting platform, services, and support are now available in German. For organizations interested in testing with people on the UserTesting Contributor Network or with their own networks, customers and contributors can be onboarded, notified, and tested entirely in German allowing even more teams to target and connect with people around the world. 

Stay up-to-date with our product releases

We release product updates on a quarterly basis. So, if you’d like a full recap of our July 2021 Product Release from last quarter, you can view our blog. As always, we’re excited to help you bring real human insight into every decision. 

To hear more about our newest capabilities, please join our October 2021 Product Release webinar

And if you’d like to learn more about any of these features, contact your account team or reach out to us here.

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