Product demo: Our all new remote moderated testing solution

Posted on July 17, 2022
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We’re very excited to show you our brand new Remote Moderated Testing solution, purpose-built for user research, with seamless simplicity and security at its core.

And what better way to show it off than walking you through the experience ourselves, recorded using the platform?

After all, an experience can’t be readily explained by a list of features or capabilities, so this is our effort to bring you into the experience.

Join Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-founder and Co-CEO, and Rose Leitner, Lead Product UX Researcher, as they show how easy the solution is for everyone—moderators, participants, notetakers, observers, and stakeholders.

We’re super proud of this, and we can’t wait for you to use it! Enjoy the video and a transcript can also be found below.

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ALFONSO: Hey guys, this is Alfonso de la Nuez, the Co-founder and Co-CEO at UserZoom. And today we are doing a product demo and it’s very exciting because it’s a moderated testing solution for live interviews and live moderated user research.

As you notice, we’re actually using our own product and recording ourselves for the demo.

It’s purpose-built for research.

It’s very easy and simple. The interface is very, very clean.

And last but not least, this is secure. And security is a major, major issue with video-conferencing tools and at UserZoom, we’ve always been investing in security.

ALFONSO: I’m joined here by Rose. Hi Rose.

ROSE: Hi Alfonso.

ALFONSO: Thank you for participating in this product demo. And so why don’t we go ahead and walk through how it would be to run a study. I’m actually a participant, a participant or an end-user that’s participating in the study.

ROSE: And I’m going to show you what I see on my screen and the type of things that help me as a researcher do a moderated session in an efficient and easy kind of way.

So just to start, I’m going to show you what’s going on here on my screen. I’m recording here. You can see Alfonso there. He’s the main focus here. We’ve got the session details over here. And this is kind of like my console, right? Like I can control whatever is going on from here. As a moderator, I can orchestrate everything here. Which is great.

I can see that we have Giselle as an observer. Karen is a notetaker.

And they joined before Alfonso, so I was able to say thank you for joining, that kind of thing. And then we’ll talk a little bit about their presence afterward as well.

ALFONSO: And by the way, I can’t see anything but you. It’s a very simple interface. I can’t see an observer or notetaker or anything else.

ROSE: Exactly. And that’s really great for moderator control as well because you want the participant to be at ease.

ALFONSO: Yeah as we say that this product is purpose-built for user research versus video-conferencing.

ROSE: Exactly. So everybody who is a participant goes through a tech check here. And everyone who is an observer, notetaker, collaborator, stakeholder, they’ll also check everything just in a slightly different way, and join the session.

Okay, so I’m going to show you here what’s going on. This is where I could stop recording if I wanted to. This is where I could have the participant share their screen.

You know, I could share my screen as well. I could even boot out anybody who joins and there’s no possibility that anyone would join that I don’t want to be there. For example, another participant can’t join.

Over here, we also have a chat so I can see anything that we’ve chatted here. I can also chat directly with the participant. In case I need that.

And then notetakers, we could say anything here. I’ll just take an example note. And this is really great for my analysis later because all the notes are time-stamped and I can see who took the note. So this is great for collaboration.

So during the session, Alfonso doesn’t see this but I can see if the stakeholder has a live real-time question and that’s really great.

So as a moderator, my goal here is to understand one of our products, the UserZoom Academy. And I want to understand the customer perception of the newly updated Academy and the performance of it as well.

I’m going to send you a link down here. It should just show up. Yep, and you just have to accept that link.

And it looks like Alfonso you popped out your video so that I can see you while you’re doing the task, which is great too.

ALFONSO: I can move it into a different area, I think so It doesn’t bother me.

I’m looking at this wonderful, wonderful UserZoom Academy.

ROSE: Yeah, so then at this point as a researcher, I will give you a task if I wanted, for a more structured kind of interview, for example, I could ask you to tell me where you would go to create and look at the results of a Basic Usability Study, let’s say.

ALFONSO: Building and Analyzing. Logic and Conditions. Randomization.

So I think I would pick this one right here. Basically Usability Testing. This is it. This is what I would pick.

ROSE: So at this point, you can see here that Karen is taking notes for me. That’s really great when you have the support of the other people there with you to take notes, it’s always really wonderful as a researcher.

You can also take notes here too, like I said, so that at this point I can tell later on, oh at 8 minutes and 20 seconds, he was looking for the Basic Usability course, and now I know where that point was.

So another thing that we wanted to show you is that this study doesn’t have to… it’s sort of device-agnostic so you can have your participant join either on desktop or on mobile.

So Alfonso, would you like to rejoin on mobile and we’ll have you do some other tasks?

ALFONSO: Let’s do it.

ROSE: All right, you know at this point Alfonso has both a front and a back camera on his mobile. So for example, if I was doing an ethnographic field study, I could ask him to show me his environment like a virtual ethnographic field study or a diary study, that kind of thing.

So show me… how’s the weather today? Or, how are your… what are the headphones you use to listen to UserZoom Academy lessons?

ALFONSO: Weather is great. Very lucky to be here in California, where we have awesome weather. And these are the headsets… or the headset that I use for the UserZoom Academy. Love them.

ROSE: Awesome. I just took a note of that, there you can see in my notes section. We still have our chat here.

So at this point, I would ask Alfonso to tell me a little bit about how he looks up UX learning online, other than the UserZoom Academy, other than related to UserZoom.

So how would you do that Alfonso?

ALFONSO: Yeah, I really like the LinkedIn learning app, for instance, would you like me to show you?

ROSE: Yeah, please. I’ll ask you to share your screen.

ALFONSO: All right. Can you see my screen now?

ROSE: I can, yep. And I can also see, if you notice, where he’s tapping on his screen, there’s a little tap target there.

ALFONSO: So now I’m going to go and look at LinkedIn learning app. And here is where I find a whole bunch of super interesting content you know, that I can learn.

ROSE: We have a stakeholder question here, live. That we wanted to know how you would access the UserZoom Academy from your phone?

ALFONSO: All right. Let’s see what shows here. There it is. Very simple. Easy. And there you go. I would sign up right here.

ROSE: All right. So at this point as a moderator, I would thank Alfonso for his time today. Talk about any logistics and ask him if he has any last comments.

Alfonso, do you have any other things you’d like to say to wrap-up?

ALFONSO: So we’re super excited to have built this unique product and can’t wait to see our users, internal users like Rose, and of course, our customers using it.

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