StubHub increases conversion rates and revenue with UserTesting

By UserTesting | June 26, 2013
StubHub increases conversion rates and revenue with UserTesting

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of delivering a joint presentation at IRCE 2013 with Christine Young, the Senior Manager of UX Research for StubHub. In the presentation, Christine revealed that StubHub was able to increase their revenue by millions of dollars thanks to some studies completed with UserTesting.

The "Go Button" story

By watching UserTesting videos, StubHub discovered that a link, labeled "See Details," was causing confusion and needed some improvement to boost conversion rates. The "See Details" link's function was supposed to take buyers to the ticket purchase page, which contained all the information necessary to make the final purchasing decision; however, this critical page was buried in an ambiguous link. "Buyers were not getting to the purchase page because the link looked like the fine print, or the terms and conditions, that no one wants to read," said Christine during her presentation. With a number of our panel's video clips exposing the confusing link, Christine had the evidence she needed to make the case to update this specific step in the purchasing funnel. After launching a few more tests, StubHub decided to change the "See Details" link to a bright, orange button labeled with the word, "Go".

Due to the enormous amount of evidence UserTesting was able to gather for us in a very short timeframe, making the change on our site was an easy decision – a cross-functional meeting of the minds. The user feedback that would have taken me two weeks to compile, UserTesting could deliver in just 20 minutes. - Christine Young

Conversion rates and revenues increase

Soon after implementing the change StubHub realized an increase in conversion rate which resulted in millions of dollars in extra revenue. Today, the "Go Button" is on every event page on StubHub's website.

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