Sustainability templates to get to the heart of what your customers value most

By Eli Panken | April 20, 2022

Sustainability is increasingly a hot topic across multiple industries. Everything from paper products to lunchmeat seems to have some sort of messaging around the product’s sustainability. 

And with good reason. According to McKinsey, products marketed as sustainable have been growing five to six times faster than the average consumer market. That growth is projected to translate into a business value of over $10 trillion by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum.

With such strong global demand, it’s not surprising that organizations are eager to understand how their efforts to become or expand their sustainability efforts resonate with their customers and audiences. But slapping a green sticker on the front of a product doesn’t make it sustainable—and consumers are wise to this shortcut. Understanding how consumers perceive an organization’s sustainability efforts is much more nuanced and requires thoughtful, qualitative feedback from real consumers.

UserTesting templates help teams get to the heart of their sustainability efforts

To many, getting feedback from potential customers sounds like a lot of work. Something expensive. Time-consuming. Reserved for bigger initiatives. However, it doesn’t have to be any of those things.

At UserTesting, we understand the importance of understanding how new technologies, trends, and market conditions impact customer behaviors. And your organization's sustainability efforts are no different. That’s why we’ve developed test plan templates that focus on sustainability, enabling you to collect fast, opt-in feedback in video recordings.

Our pre-built test templates for sustainability are designed by research experts and can be customized to fit your exact testing requirements. As part of this launch, we have templates that help you:

  • Learn how consumers purchase and use sustainable products in their daily lives
  • Understand evolving consumer needs and expectations for sustainable products and services
  • Improve clarity and efficacy of sustainability programs and environmental impact communications


If you don’t have access to the UserTesting Platform, you can view our template gallery or jump straight to our sustainability template.

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