UserZoom announces IntelliZoom – a new panel service offering

By UserTesting | May 26, 2023

UserZoom, the leading user experience (UX) research and usability testing software as a service (SaaS) platform, announces the release of their brand new proprietary panel IntelliZoom. The panel adds to UserZoom’s all-in-one solution for qualitative and quantitative UX research from mobile to desktop, providing even more value to their enterprise customers by making the difficult task of recruiting participants into studies a quick and painless process.

“By incorporating IntelliZoom into our service offerings we’re focusing even more on our data driven mid-large Enterprise customer base,” says UserZoom’s CO-Founder and CEO Alfonso de la Nuez. “With IntelliZoom, you can rapidly recruit quality testers into your studies and get results within hours, which is perfect for today’s agile design and development needs.”

UserZoom’s IntelliZoom panel enables researchers to quickly and easily source participants for large quantitative studies, qualitative think-out-loud studies, or a combination of both, on either desktop or mobile. UserZoom has taken great care in cultivating a growing panel with diverse, honest participants that aren’t professional test takers. This allows their customers to recruit high-quality testers into their studies and get results within hours.

“When I headed up UX at PayPal, we were constantly wishing there was a better way to recruit participants who would think out loud during our qualitative studies,” says Kuldeep Kelkar, UserZoom’s vice president of professional services. “With IntelliZoom we are offering our clients a diverse group of testers who have been screened for their ability to give quality think out loud feedback, as well as participate in quantitative studies.”

In Q4 of 2015, UserZoom Technologies completed a $34 million financing round with the intent to support the growth and expansion of the company and further its position in the usability market. This new panel continues UserZoom’s trend of company growth, which includes an expanded executive team and the acquisition of leading qualitative analytics company YouEye — IntelliZoom is the continuation of YouEye’s panel, which had been in development for five years at the time of the acquisition.

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