Release notes: Every update launched in 2022

By UserTesting | December 1, 2022
all updates released in 2022

To help you stay up to date on improvements and exciting new features launched across UserTesting's platform, we've pulled together a list of all the updates we made to our services in 2022.



🇲🇽 Recruit participants in Mexico

Dec 02, 2022—We are excited to announce that we’ve expanded automated participant recruitment to Mexico. 

The addition of Mexico means customers can now automatically recruit participants from 15 countries across the globe including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.



🤝 Collaboration just got easier

Dec 01, 2022—Easily invite collaborators to your studies with our latest update to user roles & permissions

Get your stakeholders involved, so you can make better decisions and get faster buy-in. A collaborator role is now available for all UserTesting Enterprise accounts—because building better digital experiences is a team sport.



⌛ Filter easily, navigate better, analyze faster

Sep 6, 2022—Our video results page gets an updated look & feel

Group recordings by task, view a curated playlist of task videos by participant, toggle between organizing videos by participant or task. Choose when filtering: task type or name, video status, participant, segment, effectiveness, audio, and video. Switch between videos and clips on the same page to save time. See overall participant success and other high-level video details at a glance.



🌎 Eight new countries added for recruitment

Sep 5, 2022—Automatically find and fill UX research studies with high-quality participants in countries around the globe

Participant recruitment can be labor intensive, time-consuming, and expensive when you need participants from particular countries or regions. To solve for this, we’ve expanded automated participant recruitment to eight new countries (in total 14), including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The UK, and The US.



🗺️ Four more countries supported for recruiting

Aug 4, 2022—New additions to our core country offering for moderated studies

In addition to the United States and United Kingdom, we support 4 more countries for Moderated study recruitment, including Spain, Germany, Canada, and Australia. Think-Out-Loud (Basic Usability) and Moderated studies are supported.



🔍 Filter and view screener results beforehand

Jul 28, 2022—See answers to screener questions prior to a moderated session

With this release, you can filter scheduled participants by their alias in the Results section. See the participant's answers to the screener questions prior to the moderated session. If the participant was recruited through IntelliZoom, you can also see their demographics.



⏰ Video questions recording time, 1 min → 5 mins

July 26, 2022—Get longer, detailed responses. There's more than enough time!

We've increased the duration of a video question from 60 seconds to 5 minutes for video questions, so you can get even more data for insights.



🔽 Multi-select screener question enhancements

May 25, 2022—Experience a new, easy process while creating screening questions

Experience flexibility and control in finding the right participants. Choose if a multi-select screener question “must” be selected or “may” be selected for a participant to qualify for a study. Improvements to the screener help you identify the best study participants with new logic for multi-select questions. Gain more control, get better results.



✍️ 11 transcription languages added

April 21, 2022—Accelerate your global research program with our latest additions

Within our video player, get moderated studies transcribed in 11 more languages. Build a study in one language and during analysis, view the transcription in the same. Initially supporting only English and Spanish, now choose Arabic, Brazilian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Russian, or Turkish.



⚡ Analyze videos at lightning speed

March 31, 2022—Going through videos just became way faster with updates to our Study Tab

Sick of toggling between ratios & responses and a session recording? Now, you can see all participant information including recruitment segment and screener answers side-by-side with the video. For studies with multiple tasks, they're broken out and labeled with an icon—so you can easily click and jump around.



🖥️ Share your screen at any time

February 21, 2022—Conduct moderated research with more flexibility

We've introduced new developments to screen sharing. As a Moderator, share your own screen before and after a session, helping with pre and post-session team collaboration. Moderators or participants can share screen during a session without it being recorded, helping to run research even in situations where data-privacy concerns don’t allow recording.



📱Mobile UX research simplified, no coding necessary

Feb 10, 2022—Codeless Mobile App Testing released for iOS and Android

Crave a quick, easy way to get insights into your mobile apps, without the need for a software engineer to integrate any code at all? Highly useful for testing competitor applications, available for Apple iOS and Google Android, you can effortlessly test user experiences without the need to integrate an SDK. Test at any stage of the product development lifecycle, even with pre-live apps.



🙅 Reduce the chances of a no-show

Jan 26th, 2022—Message sent 30 minutes before a moderated session

Participants will receive an automated SMS (text message) notification 30 minutes before an upcoming moderated session. Notifications are sent in the participant’s language preference, available in 22 languages.




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