Weekly roundup: top resources for collecting customer feedback

By Steven Carr | November 15, 2019
Weekly roundup: top resources for collecting customer feedback

When it comes to collecting customer feedback, one resource that always seems to be in short supply is time. And budget. And headcount. And experience. OK, so there may be more than one hurdle to overcome, but it’s worth the investment. If you could deliver a product or experience—the first time—that has immediate value for your customer, wouldn’t you?

Check out these helpful resources for collecting feedback with your target audience:

1. How to get honest feedback from your customers

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People love to make other people happy. However, when it comes to learning about your customers, you want people to be honest—even brutally honest—when you’re trying to figure out what to build. So how do you ask questions that promote that level of honesty? Read this post to learn how to ask the right questions for getting the information that matters the most to you.

2. How important is customer feedback and validation to product managers? 12 industry experts weigh in

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Product managers have a tough job laying out a product roadmap that delivers unique value based on customer needs and demands. What makes this so challenging is that the needs of customers can change often—and often do. Lean into the conversation with twelve industry experts as they explain the importance of customer feedback and validation.

3. Marketing Insight: fast feedback that enables marketers to put customers first

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Marketers play a central role in the success of modern companies—connecting products and services to customers. Discover how Marketing Insight empowers marketers with the on-demand customer feedback they need to drive revenue and ensure their brands are making an emotional connection with customers.

4. How to get feedback over time with diary studies

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Diary studies are a form of longitudinal research (research that takes place over a long period with the same participants). Typically, users self-report their activities at regular intervals to create a log of their activities, thoughts, and frustrations. Discover how and why It’s a useful approach for capturing organic feedback on activities that are repetitive, long, or unpredictable.

5. Product Insight: fast feedback that drives confident product decisions

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Product managers balance business priorities, customer needs, and technical issues in the face of incredibly tight deadlines. Discover how Product Insight empowers anyone on a product team to make high-confidence decisions based on customer input, without delaying the development process.

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