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This Holiday Season, 90% of Singaporeans Choose International Over Domestic Travel: UserTesting Survey

Over 50% of respondents revealed taking smaller and simpler trips this season

Singapore, 20 December, 2022: UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a leader in video-based human insight, recently conducted a survey in Singapore, to understand consumer travel trends this holiday season. As COVID cases have significantly decreased worldwide, the survey revealed that 70% of Singaporeans have a holiday planned this year-end. Interestingly, despite rising costs due to inflation, a large number of Singaporean respondents (90%) are traveling overseas for their next trip, while only 10% are traveling within the country.

However, with increasing prices due to inflation, most Singaporeans are cost-cutting while planning their travels. The survey revealed that 40% of Singaporeans are now taking fewer trips than before, while 40% are opting for cheaper accommodations rather than luxurious stays. 

Singaporeans Discussing Travel Plans in Reaction to Increasing Costs

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Inflation Leads To Change In Travel Plans 
Along with the rest of the world, Singapore too is bearing the brunt of inflation. With regard to travel during the holiday season, 80% of Singaporeans reported altering their plans and taking an economical route by choosing cheaper destinations to keep their expenses in check. According to 50% of Singaporeans, the highest cost spike is being observed in flight tickets, while 30% reported witnessing a sharp uptick in food and city travel prices. 

Out of the Singaporeans who are not traveling anywhere this year, 70% are prioritizing savings, thereby making minimal expenses during the last leg of 2022. 

Singaporeans Prioritise Family Trips This Holiday Season 
Family bonding emerged to be of prime importance for Singaporeans this holiday season. As per the UserTesting survey, 50% of respondents mentioned that they will be traveling with their families instead of friends this year. Additionally, in terms of travel priorities in the near future, 50% of Singaporeans are more inclined towards simple, short, and lowkey vacations while some are also visiting their families to spend quality time with loved ones. However, the overall sentiment for the long run is to plan extended international trips instead. 

Meanwhile, 40% of Singaporeans also reported that they want their holidays to be luxurious and wellness-focused with minimum inconvenience and maximum amenities. 

International Travel—Top Choice For Singaporeans
As the looming threat of COVID-19 forced many to be stuck inside their homes for more than two years, Singaporeans are now looking to travel more frequently. As per the survey, 80% of Singaporeans stated their willingness to plan more foreign trips instead of traveling within their country. Most respondents stated the reason as wanting to make up for lost time and moving on to explore newer destinations outside of Singapore.

Additionally, Singaporeans are equally balanced when it comes to choosing their dream travel destination, with 20% each for cities, mountains, beaches, countryside, and more.

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