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Alaska Airlines, Autotrader, Constant Contact and CoverMyMeds Capture Human Insights Quicker for Deeper Customer Empathy

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – September 12, 2018 – UserTesting, the leading on-demand human insight platform, today announced all Live Conversation customers can now conduct live interviews anytime—24 hours a day, seven days a week—resulting in faster, real-time insights in the moment they need it. Live Conversation now supports multiple time zones for international companies, allows for same-day interviews, and has more flexible scheduling.

Live Conversation helps product teams, marketers, UX and CX professionals—at companies such as Alaska Airlines, Autotrader, Constant Contact, and CoverMyMeds—make smarter business decisions based on real-time human insights.

“We turned to Live Conversation to connect with recent car buyers to better understand the customer journey, and to ultimately drive empathy and customer-centric design,” said Bradley Miller, Senior User Experience Researcher at Autotrader. “With Live Conversation, Autotrader saw cost savings and an 80 percent decrease in time investment. What would normally take weeks now just takes a few days to schedule and conduct live customer interviews.”

“Talking to patients builds empathy for them, and helps us understand the ‘why’ behind whatever we decide we are going to build,” said Frank Rosile, User Experience Designer at CoverMyMeds. “Using Live Conversation, CoverMyMeds has seen significant time and cost savings as we gained important information about patients to inform future product development.”

New features and benefits include:

  • Same Day Interviews - With Live Conversation, companies can speak to customers in-the-moment, immediately. Today anyone can schedule and gain insight from Live Conversation interviews as fast as with recorded studies via the panel.

  • 24/7 Live Conversation - Live Conversation customers can conduct live interview sessions anytime, 24/7 (including weekends). An expanded time zone selector also includes time zones outside of the United States.

  • Flexible Scheduling - As schedules frequently change, new enhancements to Live Conversation make it easy to add, adjust and edit availability, even after a study is created. Expanded capabilities also include deleting times previously marked as available and adding more availability if sessions do not fill.

“With greater speed and flexibility, Live Conversation now enables agile teams to iterate with confidence,” said Cynthia Louie, Senior Product Manager at UserTesting. “While lab testing takes at least a month to recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze the session, Live Conversation has 24/7 scheduling with a same-day interview option, allowing these teams to readily solicit in-depth human insights—and validate multiple concepts or solutions with customers—within a single engineering cycle. It’s so fast that anyone can create concepts and talk to customers on-demand, and do multiple cycles of this within a sprint.”

Additionally, join us on October 3rd at 11:00am PDT for the webinar, Live Conversation: Connecting with customers in real time, to hear how top CX and UX professionals—from the telecommunications, retail, and airline industries—use human insights to build better products and improve customer experiences.

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