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Acquires Machine Learning Provider Truthlab to Help Customers Surface Key Insights Quicker

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 29, 2019 – UserTesting, the leading provider for on-demand human insights, today announced it has acquired Truthlab, a provider of machine learning based video analysis. The acquisition will help UserTesting customers surface human insights even quicker using intelligent video analytics to provide the right highlights, recommendations, and data for teams to build customer empathy and develop intuition about their end users.

In an age of agile product development, fast time to insights has always been critical to the success of UserTesting’s customers. UserTesting has access to the largest, most diverse panel of testers, and in January of 2019, expanded upon that with the acquisition of UserMuse to grow its panel demographics and access to custom audiences for B2B and B2C companies. With UserTesting, companies are able to get fast, focused feedback with tests completed in two hours or less.

Today’s product managers, UX researchers, marketers, and designers have a lot to accomplish and a little time to do it. When it comes to collecting and analyzing customer interviews and feedback videos, this process can be time consuming. UserTesting has a professional services arm that offers dedicated research services to its customers with access to research experts on-demand to help them get to the insights quicker.

“With Truthlab’s deep experience in machine learning, combined with UserTesting’s market leadership in customer experience and human insight, more companies will be empowered to build customer empathy into their business strategies through automated, intelligent insight extraction,” said Patrick Donnelly, CEO of Truthlab.

Intelligent insights, combined with access to an extensive and diverse panel network, and the availability of researchers-as-a-service, underscores UserTesting’s commitment to helping its customers quickly turn insights into action so that they can make better business decisions, faster.

“This acquisition will accelerate the delivery of machine learning logic in the UserTesting platform and will give our users access to richer data and more intelligent insights,” said Andy MacMillan, CEO of UserTesting. “UserTesting is building the smartest human insight platform on the market, by providing added value through automatic video insight delivery–and with a recommendation engine that is both actionable and intelligent.”

“I’m excited to join forces with UserTesting and look forward to continuing the work I’ve been doing for years–helping companies maximize their value from customer insights,” said Scott Hutchins, co-founder of Truthlab.

Using intelligent insights, UserTesting customers will be able to identify and extract the moments that matter from videos, automatically, making it easier for them to connect, learn, understand, and empathize with their audiences so in return they can build and deliver more meaningful experiences that impact adoption, loyalty, and revenue.

About Truthlab

Truthlab builds Customer Experience Management (CXM) products and solutions that enable companies to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and advocacy by helping them to create and maintain better relationships. Truthlab’s CXM platform uses advanced technologies, including A.I., to orchestrate the collection and analysis of disparate customer data, instantly transforming that information into actionable insights. Armed with these insights, customer experience leaders, product managers, marketers, and UI/UX designers can deliver amazing experiences across the entire customer journey.

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