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Product Insight provides product managers with access to on-demand customer feedback throughout the development lifecycle to make smarter and faster business decisions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – March 14, 2019 – UserTesting, the leading on-demand Human Insight Platform, today announced the launch of UserTesting Product Insight, a new application designed to help product teams build better products by bringing rapid customer feedback into every phase of the development process. Product Insight is built on top of the UserTesting platform, which enables companies to get fast insight into any customer experience. With Product Insight, product managers and other non-researchers can now make high-confidence decisions based on real customer insight and receive feedback in less than a day, without delaying the timeline of a project.

Product Insight streamlines the customer feedback loop and makes it easy to:

  • Recruit and schedule live customer interviews in less than a day
  • Prioritize product features without ever guessing
  • Validate designs and prototypes before the engineers start to build
  • Painlessly settle disagreements about product features
  • Form high-quality hypotheses to resolve problems identified by analytics

Product Insight helps product teams operate more effectively – iterate faster, align internal stakeholders, validate product-market fit, reduce engineering rework, and deliver on customer expectations.

Today’s product managers work in increasingly fast-paced and agile environments that move faster than traditional market research can respond. Product managers frequently have as little as a day to make important decisions, and more than half say they frequently have to guess how customers will respond to new features, according to UserTesting’s 2019 Customer Experience Survey that will be released on March 28th.

“Continuous customer feedback is absolutely essential to delivering product experiences that delight customers, yet product teams often struggle to get in front of customers as often as they should,” said Sachin Rekhi, Founder and CEO of Notejoy. “UserTesting’s Product Insight now offers product managers one of the fastest paths to critical customer insights without the burdens of traditional user testing.”

Product Insight key features include:

  • Preformatted Quick Answer tests. Designed by UserTesting’s research professionals, Quick Answers are research tests preformatted to answer common product questions including concept validation, feature prioritization, dispute resolution, and more. All a product manager has to do is fill in a few blanks and choose the target customers.

  • Rapid video feedback. Quick Answer test results are automatically analyzed so product managers can see the results at a glance, without watching long videos. Test results usually arrive in as little as two hours. It’s simple to share video highlight reels across the organization using email, Slack, Trello and other collaboration tools.

  • Same day video interviews. Using Live Conversation, users can target, recruit and schedule nationwide live 1:1 interviews with their customers in a matter of hours. Customer interviews are automatically recorded and highlights can easily be shared with team members.

  • On-demand access to research pros with built-in help and chat. Product Insight is designed to make it easy for non-researchers to run user tests with built-in help including on-demand live chat that connects users with research professionals who can give advice on test setup.

“We created Product Insight to empower product managers to move quickly and confidently, knowing every decision is user tested and approved,” said Michael Mace, VP of Market Strategy at UserTesting. “It’s based on everything we’ve learned from a decade of human insight testing, plus input from more than a hundred product leaders who’ve used our platform and given us feedback.”

UserTesting continues to make advancements to both the Product Insight app for product teams and non-researchers and the Insight Core platform for researchers and power users. Insight Core gives users the ability to run custom studies – from simple usability tests to highly complex customer journey tests, while incorporating best practices to ensure high quality research findings. This is part of the company’s investment to make scaling customer research across an organization easier than ever before.

To learn how Product Insight can help you make product decisions using fast customer feedback, join the upcoming webinar on Thursday, April 4 at 11:00 a.m. PDT/2:00 p.m. ET. Register here.

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