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Product Insight

Fast feedback prevents failed products

Make high-confidence decisions based on real customer insight, without delaying the project. You don’t have to be a trained researcher, and there’s no need to watch hours of video.

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Pre-formatted tests you
can launch in minutes

Quick Answer tests focus on common product problems. Designed by research pros, with findings you can scan in moments.

Same-day video

Live Conversation lets you recruit and schedule live interviews with your target customers in less than a day. Share screens on mobile and desktop that are automatically recorded.

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Fast and easy, even for
people without research

Quickly launch the test you need and see results as they arrive. No need to watch long videos. Need help? There’s built-in chat with a research pro.

Intuitive experience for
you, built on a powerful
research platform

All test results and interviews are captured in video, highlights are automatically identified, and it’s easy to share results.

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Product Insight is part of the UserTesting Human Insight Platform

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Learn how leading product teams benefit
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“We needed rapid iterative feedback, fast and furious.”

Carey Caufield,
Product Manager

Quip iterated continuously with same-day customer feedback.

See How They Did It

Canva better understood their users’ needs on both a UX and emotional level.

See How They Did It

Adobe relaunched an unpopular Photoshop feature with more intuitive naming, interface and navigation.

See How They Did It

No more guessing

Icon Iterate faster
Iterate faster

With quick speed to insights, you’ll have high confidence that you’re making the right decisions

Icon save resources
Save resources

Reduce the risk that engineers will have to rework the product later

Icon end disagreement
End disagreements

Align the team and stakeholders using customer data to reduce delays and disputes