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UserTesting Introduces New Templates for Testing Social Commerce Shopping Experiences

New capabilities empower brands, products, and services to continually optimize their social media shopping experiences by better understanding evolving shopper expectations

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – February 17, 2022 – UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a leader in video-based human insight, today released new social commerce templates for its Human Insight Platform that empower companies to obtain fast, opt-in feedback from shoppers on popular social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp, so they can create more engaging and impactful buying experiences for them.

“TikTok’s traffic last year surpassed even Google, making it the most popular website of 2021,” said Andy MacMillan, CEO of UserTesting. “It’s no surprise a recent Accenture study predicts shopping on social media platforms will reach $1.2 trillion globally by 2025. While this shift gives retailers new opportunities to better connect with and cater to their customers, the ones that win will be those who proactively meet and exceed customer expectations by quickly, intimately understanding exactly what customers want when shopping on social media.”

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UserTesting templates feature pre-built sample questions organizations can use as-is or customize to fit their exact testing requirements. UserTesting’s new social commerce templates can help organizations better understand what their customers want when shopping on social media; the templates also can help companies optimize their customer experience across all the social media channels they use. 

Companies can, for instance, gain rapid user feedback on social commerce messaging, content, or the overall buying experience via Customer Experience Narratives (CxNs) — video recordings of actual social media shoppers who have opted in to share their perspectives and experiences as they execute a pre-built series of tasks and instructions online. CxNs give organizations a firsthand view into their customers’ experiences, so they can:

  • understand what target audiences want and expect from a social commerce experience;
  • see and hear a target audience’s first impressions and reception of social commerce shopping environments, reactions to purchasing through their favorite social media channels, and actions taken when completing a purchase via social commerce channels; and
  • troubleshoot and correct social commerce pain points to ensure customers remain satisfied with their social media shopping experience.

The new  social commerce templates add to the more than 100 pre-built testing templates available on the UserTesting Human Insight Platform.

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