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Mobile Developers Can Now Upload an Unreleased iOS App in Minutes and Get User Feedback in Hours

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 5, 2014 – Today, UserTesting launched a new mobile app testing service that enables iOS app developers to get fast user feedback on their products, even before they ship in the app stores. Now developers can receive video and audio feedback from real users within hours of submitting a test, avoiding costly focus groups and speeding time to market.

“In the super-competitive mobile economy, developers need to move fast but also get their apps right on first release. The only way to do that is by testing continuously,” said Philip Constantinou, vice president of product at Evernote. “Employing UserTesting is like looking over a user’s shoulder. It lets me quickly and easily get user feedback, resolve problems, and move on with development.”

UserTesting streamlines every aspect of testing a mobile app—from creating the test, to distributing the app to testers, to the delivery of the completed videos. It is ideal for delivering quick answers to problems that commonly derail mobile app developers, such as:

  • Quickly settling disputes within the team, or with a client, about UX and features
  • Watching people use your mobile app, to test user journeys and overall usability
  • Ensuring that icon and button designs are easily understood
  • Avoiding bad reviews by evaluating user reactions before an app goes to the app store

“In the past, testing a mobile app on users meant scheduling individual tests or focus groups, an expense of thousands of dollars and weeks of prep time,” said Michael Mace, mobile strategist at UserTesting. “Testing iOS apps has been especially difficult. UserTesting takes care of all of that. A developer just defines the test through an online form, uploads the app, and we take care of everything else.”

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