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UserTesting illumi

UserTesting illumi awards 2021

Glad to see you're in it to win it. Although 2021 submissions are now closed, you can to submit your 2022 application.

UserTesting illumi awards 2021
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What are the illumi awards?

The UserTesting illumi awards seek to inspire the world to think about human insights as a key ingredient for customer experience excellence, product and marketing innovation, and team success. These awards recognize and celebrate the individuals and organizations who use UserTesting to make a meaningful difference in these areas.



Distinguished Luminaries

In special recognition of companies who have achieved extraordinary success using human insights to deliver world-class CX, UX, marketing or product innovation.

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The Basics

Celebrating the year’s top human insight explorers

Winners of an illumi award are honored as human insight explorers who pioneer new horizons and transform the way business is done. Their innovative thinking and relentless focus on creating great experiences–and eliminating bad ones–have led to some of the year’s most inspiring discoveries.

The Basics Celebrating the year’s top human insight explorers
Some Tips How do I improve my chances at winning?

Some Tips

How do I improve my chances at winning?

Improve your chances of winning by focusing on tangible business results. Focus on business wins, like improved sales and profitability, reduced business risk, successful products, stronger brands, high customer satisfaction, or improved employee experiences. What are your moonshots this year?

If you have a story about how you use insights to create more effective, easy, and enjoyable customer experiences, we encourage you to submit an application.

The Prize

What do winners get?

Winners of the illumi award are presented at our annual Human Insight World Summit. In addition to VIP tickets, winners receive one of the industry’s coolest trophies, a spotting telescope used by explorers on the NASA Space Shuttle, made exclusively by Celestron and branded with the illumi award name.

The Prize What do winners get?