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Experience measurement

Benchmark and validate your UX investments with QXscore, a standardized, objective, and meaningful measure of experience.

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Demonstrate value with a standardized and meaningful experience-based metric

  • Connect the experiences you deliver to organizational outcomes by leveraging QXscore, a metric that incorporates the behavioral and attitudinal measures of digital experiences into one score that is easily understood across the business. 
  • Link UX to organizational outcomes by benchmarking the performance of the experiences you deliver and communicating a clear roadmap for action.
  • Capture actionable insights and communicate the value of UX improvements with the end-to-end delivery of a true experience based benchmark. 
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Achieve outcomes with help from our experts

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Make data-backed UX decisions

Inform UX decisions with a systematic experience measurement program.

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Stage gate your experiences

Ensure experiences pass minimum threshold criteria before they are released to customers. 

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Make decisions with the help of third-party objectivity

Support decision-making with external analysis of your customer needs free of internal bias.

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Focus on implementing improvements

Align your team's resources to a prioritized list of actionable insights.

End-to-end research and benchmarking delivery based on your needs

Our expert research team helps you source participants, perform testing and analysis, and delivers a customized report of recommendations, letting you focus on implementing improvements.

Depending on your needs, you can benchmark competitive experiences by comparing how your user experience performs relative to up to three experiences. Benchmarking longitudinal experiences helps you establish a baseline measurement of your desktop or mobile experiences that can be compared with future experience changes to quantify performance over time.

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Professional services

Work with our team of experts

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    Understand business needs

    Develop a tailored approach based on how your team is measured and desired outcomes.

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    Source participants

    Completed based on your target criteria, desired number of contributors, and includes initial questionnaire.

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    Quantify the behavioral and attitudinal

    Measure the behavioral task success of your mobile or web experiences, as well as its appearance, ease of use, loyalty NPS, and trust metrics.

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    Communicate strategic outcomes

    Receive targeted insights that connect how experience can drive product strategy and prioritization. A scorecard helps business leaders and senior management understand how experience correlates with organizational outcomes.

Leverage over 200 cumulative years of UX research expertise

Let our team of experts surface, analyze, and deliver the insights you need to improve your product, service, and brand experiences.