UserTesting for ecommerce

Create frictionless online shopping experiences by optimizing your ecommerce experiences and boosting conversions with human insight.

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Optimize ecommerce experiences with UserTesting

Drive revenue through optimized ecommerce experiences

With access to more customer data and analytics than ever, it can be a challenge to translate metrics into actionable customer insight. Empowering teams with human insight enables ecommerce teams to capture richer context on customer behaviors and needs, optimize digital experience touchpoints, and make decisions quickly and with confidence.

Forrest Wave 2023

Remove purchase barriers and improve the buyer experience

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Customer Story

Canva + UserTesting

Watch how Canva uses human insight to make design accessible to everyone

Customer Story

Krikey + UserTesting

Watch how Krikey quickly reached one million downloads of their AR gaming app.

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Customer Story

PSA & Collectors + UserTesting

Watch how PSA crafted their Grade Reveal experience and Collectors developed functionality for the Goldin Auctions website

Adapt and differentiate with UserTesting

How ecommerce organizations leverage UserTesting

Optimize and understand how to build an ecommerce website that meets and exceeds customer expectations

  • Tailor experiences by gaining insights into customer preferences, pain points, and expectations  

  • Uncover mobile users' specific challenges and provide insights on optimizing the mobile experience

  • Identify areas where inconsistencies exist and provide insights to ensure a seamless, cohesive experience across channels

  • Understand the specific needs and expectations of target markets to adapt their buyer experience accordingly

  • Uncover pain points in the return and refund process, leading to improvements in user interfaces, communication, and overall customer experience

  • Make UX data-informed strategies for personalized offers, rewards programs, and targeted marketing campaigns

  • Identify barriers to app adoption and provide insights to enhance app usability, performance, and value proposition, ultimately increasing app engagement and usage

  • Identify accessibility barriers and provide recommendations for improving design and usability to meet accessibility standards and guidelines


Hear from consumers, no experience required

Get started quickly with UserTesting test templates to validate concepts, discover needs, and optimize experiences to drive trust and customer loyalty.

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    Website evaluation

    Assess critical website characteristics such as appearance, ease of use, and trust

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    Social commerce

    Get ahead of messaging, content, and expectations of the social buying experience

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    Customer journey templates and resources

    Understand how customers engage with your brand or products across multiple touchpoints

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