UserTesting for B2B technology organizations

Understand and empathize with the experiences of enterprise users to increase customer value

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Enabling B2B technology organizations to succeed

Today, in the fiercely competitive B2B technology market, organizations face the daunting task of differentiating their offerings with fewer resources. Additionally, the rapid evolution of technology trends adds to the challenge of staying relevant and ahead of the curve. To tackle these obstacles, organizations must explore ways to efficiently leverage their resources while focusing on continuous innovation to meet their customer's needs.

Capture difficult-to-reach user insights faster, innovate and improve product usability, and reduce product risk before release. Make informed decisions to survive and thrive by meeting and exceeding changing B2B customer expectations. 

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How B2B tech organizations build valuable, differentiated product experiences with UserTesting

Soon after we launched the Instant Buy function, we received many new orders. And we consider this project a huge customer experience win.”
Alejandro Gutierrez Senior Product Designer, Zendesk
The value of understanding human insight is that it leads us to understand how dynamic our customer base truly is and how it evolves every day. It's never static. It requires us to keep evaluating our products, to see how we can make them better and more powerful for sellers."
Ryan Melcher Director, Selling Partner Interfaces, Amazon
By being involved in these projects so early on, the Software UX Design team is able to shape the experience to be as intuitive for our users as possible, improving customer satisfaction and driving business growth.
Diana Gerli Software UX Design Manager, Lenovo

Adapt and differentiate with UserTesting

How B2B tech organizations leverage UserTesting

  • Generate insights through a robust research platform and leverage services to augment their staff
  • Use intercepts to learn firsthand how customers can benefit from AI enhancements
  • Apply the right methods to understand how customers think, feel, and behave
  • Avoid competitor’s missteps by testing new concepts before launch
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Earn customer loyalty and trust with UserTesting

  • UserTesting has totally changed the perception about user research being an expensive and time-consuming process.
    Harsha Thayi Senior Manager, User Experience, T. Rowe Price
  • UserTesting empowers us to have a much more strategic approach than NPS alone because it delivers far richer human insight.
    Grant Yurada Senior Manager, UX Product Design
  • A tool like UserTesting makes it much easier for us to understand how customers are using our solutions, and negates the need for additional time-consuming research."
    Shamraiz Gul Senior UX Lead, Finastra
  • The marketing department uses UserTesting to test the messaging that they have on several key web pages. From that, they were able to boost the amount of page views by up to 400%, which was fantastic.
    Jennifer Lee UX Research Lead, Wise

Check out test templates created by experts

Get started quickly with UserTesting test templates used to quickly validate concepts, discover needs, and hear your customer thoughts on your experiences and services.

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