How E.ON accelerated UX testing to perfect its Black Friday promotions

By UserTesting | July 19, 2023
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Campaign message testing

Using the UserZoom platform, E.ON was able to test its promotions for solar panels quickly and reliably, optimizing marketing messages in time for Black Friday, saving time and money, and ensuring a broader audience for its key campaign message.

E.ON had to decide between two promotional hooks: 'money-off' or 'up to X% off.' Usually, this would be achieved by using a live A/B test on two fully-built live webpages. Still, by working with UserZoom, using a timeout task on two prototypes, E.ON was able to quickly and economically perfect their marketing messaging so it was ready for Black Friday.

Time and costs saved through a faster testing process

Live A/B testing messages like this can be effective, but it also means creating two different landing pages, which means twice the development work and the associated agency costs.

With UserZoom, the team could create, run and analyze an effective study in a very short time. Creating only one page also has SEO benefits, as it avoids having duplicate pages on the site.

An alternative use for UserZoom

This example shows a valuable alternative use for UserZoom beyond pure UX projects, helping marketers find the messages most likely to appeal to their target audience.

Also, as the team is embedding UX research into E.ON, showing their impact in a different business area with a fast turnaround, helped to raise the team's profile to the wider organization.

In the first 12 months of using UserZoom, the UX team has run 89 tests with 2,500 participants across various audience types. This has been a step-change in customer insight and widened knowledge through the business.

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