Sustainability templates for usability testing

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With increasing global demand for sustainable products and processes, organizations are eager to understand how their sustainability efforts resonate with customers. But understanding the nuance between how consumers feel about sustainability versus their buying habits requires thoughtful qualitative feedback. 

That’s why we recommend leveraging templates for usability testing. Use sustainability templates pre-built by research experts as a great way to understand your audience on-the-fly. 

Get early customer feedback with sustainability templates

Getting feedback from potential customers sounds expensive and time-consuming. To be fair, it used to be this way exclusively. Testing was something reserved for large initiatives and long-term projects. It was something only trained researchers did. However, the tools and processes for collecting user feedback have changed, and the frequency of when you should do usability testing is ramping up. 

For any major pivot, sustainability, in particular, being authentic in your effort is critical for building customer trust. You also want to ensure that you’re investing time and resources into something your customers will support. Regarding sustainability, what customers say they want and are willing to pay for is often different. Before pumping out new products and features, spin up a sustainability template to discover the sentiment and beliefs of your audience versus their behaviors. 

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Researchers, marketers, designers, and digital product teams are spread thin these days. There’s not always time to craft tests from scratch. That’s why the Human Insight Platform offers test plan templates that focus on sustainability that enable you to collect fast, opt-in feedback in the form of video recordings.

Our pre-built test templates for sustainability are designed by research experts and can be customized to fit your exact testing requirements. As part of this launch, we have templates that help you:

  • Learn how consumers purchase and use sustainable products in their daily lives
  • Understand evolving consumer needs and expectations for sustainable products and services
  • Improve clarity and efficacy of sustainability programs and environmental impact communications


If you don’t have access to the UserTesting Platform, you can view the UserTesting template gallery or jump to a preview of the sustainability templates.


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