UserTesting Insights Services

Leverage our team of experts to perform end-to-end research on your behalf—surfacing, analyzing, and delivering the insights you need to improve your product, service, and brand experiences.

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Work with the industry's leading UX research team

UserTesting Insights Services is a team of UX and CX specialists, with 200+ years of cumulative experience, guaranteeing research quality and continuity. 

Study types offered

  • Attitudes and usage study
  • Persona development
  • Persona validation
  • Agile design testing
  • Click testing surveys
  • Tree testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • A/B testing
  • Competitive benchmark
  • Longitudinal benchmark
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Mature your research practice with help from our experts

 Establishing best practices across a wide range of capabilities that can be used to help your team get to the insights they need, faster. 

We offer a broad range of capabilities

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    • UX benchmarking

    • Tree/IA testing 

    • Click testing

    • Interviews

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    • Multi-method UX research

    • Qualitative and quantitative usability testing

    • Attitudes and usage studies

    • Intercept studies

    • Diary studies

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    • Card sorting

    • Surveys

    • Heuristic evaluation

    • A/B and preference testing

    • Accessibility studies

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    • Moderated testing

    • Concept testing

    • Content testing

    • Persona creation and validation

Sample deliverables

Mature your research practice by establishing best practices across a variety of methodologies from usability testing and user interviews to benchmarking, accessibility, and generative studies.