Breaking hearts and making stars

Posted on November 7, 2019
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In 1976, Elton John and Kiki Dee serenaded audiences, beseeching: “Don’t go breaking my heart…” 

Well, we at UserTesting didn’t follow that “heartfelt” plea. We broke it—the heart, that is.

When watching completed test recordings, customers were accustomed to seeing a heart icon, which they marked to indicate a favorite note or clip.

We heard from customers that improving upon this feature would be helpful in driving efficiencies for entire teams. In fact, they told us that they’d ❤️ it if we tinkered with the heart icon.

We had a change of heart, to increase speed to insights

So we had a change of heart. Specifically, we changed the heart to a star, which is commonly associated with “importance.” Similar to marking an email as important, teams can now mark a video clip or note as important using the star icon.

As you create a highlight reel, you can filter by these clips that you have previously marked as important.

Crowdsource your most important insights

When your teammates view clips, they can also indicate the ones that they find important—which you and everyone else on your team can see.

Consider the ways that you and your team can use this updated feature towards improving overall team efficiency in identifying key insights:

  • Quickly view clips that your teammates have marked as important. This helps you spend your limited time on the most impactful clips!
  • Be a superstar for your team by pre-vetting clips and creating notes—offering your teammates hints on the content you think they should focus on.
  • Finally, leverage the wisdom of the crowd. Create a culture where people consistently gather human insight and express their opinions when reviewing videos. Then, identify the clips that have been selected most often as important by your team (i.e., the ones with most “votes”) to share with the larger organization.

This feature is now available to all UserTesting customers.

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