Introducing Live Conversation: real-time human insight for better business decisions

By Hannah Alvarez | August 22, 2017
Introducing Live Conversation: Real-time human insights for better business decisions

From product managers and marketers to UX designers and researchers, everyone loves the insights gained from live customer interviews. The benefits of conducting live customer interviews include the ability to have dynamic discussions, observe verbal as well as non-verbal cues, and ask open-ended questions to uncover customer pain points. Live interviews enable two-way, interactive discussions with customers. You can ask follow-up questions to probe for more details or get context on the customer’s initial response. You can also change the direction of your questioning to pursue interesting new topics that come out of the conversation. This yields a larger and much more diverse universe of customer insights for you to use. However, live interviews and focus groups come with a host of challenges. They are difficult to recruit for and schedule, take a long time to complete and can be very expensive. Focus groups are also subject to groupthink and sampling bias, yielding feedback that may lead you down the wrong path.

Live Conversation by UserTesting eliminates the hassle of real-time customer interviews

We’re excited to announce Live Conversation, an integrated system that makes it fast and straightforward to conduct live interviews with consumers. With our streamlined, self-service platform, any team member can set up and recruit participants for live interviews. You choose the demographics of the participants you are seeking and your availability, and we do the rest. We automatically fill your studies, according to the participant parameters you set, using our proprietary, on-demand panel of over 1 million people. Confirmed interviews with your desired audiences show up in your account, ready to start. You can start conducting interviews in just about a day, on your schedule. Just like with UserTesting’s other tests, video recordings of your session will appear in your UserTesting dashboard so you can create clips and highlight reels to share with colleagues.

Learn how your team can use Live Conversation

You can learn more about Live Conversation here. You can read the Live Conversation guide, Make Better Business Decisions with Real-Time Human Insight, or watch our on-demand Live Conversation webinar for more information.

Get Real-Time Human Insights with Live Conversation

Learn how our new product, Live Conversation, makes it fast and straightforward to get real-time customer insights.

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