Jira integration: on-demand human insights where product decisions are made

By Allison Thornton | July 15, 2020
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Customer feedback is often the cornerstone of building great products and experiences. After all, it’s through human insight that product managers and developers are able to collect the actionable insights they need to build, enhance, and customize their products to the individual needs of their consumers.

However, gathering customer feedback is only the first step toward building products with exceptional CX. Without the ability to share and scale these insights across your organization—effectively and conveniently—customer feedback may end up collecting dust in the silos that are conducting the studies.

Introducing UserTesting’s integration with Jira

At UserTesting, it’s our mission to provide you with the technology and integrations you need to collect, share, and leverage customer insights where and when you need it most. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now share and view UserTesting video clips directly within Jira, the #1 software development tool used by agile teams, to gain immediate access to customer insights.

Jira integration

Through this technical integration, you will be able to more effectively leverage human insights within the Jira platform that you’re already using to build deeper customer empathy. And it’s easy. Once you’ve activated the integration from the Atlassian Marketplace, all you have to do is copy and paste clip links directly into Jira issues, enabling all Jira users to view clips without ever having to leave the Jira interface. In addition, any changes made to the clip (edits, removal, etc) will be automatically reflected in the Jira issue.

Here’s an example

Imagine this—an organization is looking to release a new feature, but has identified a bug during the initial testing process. An engineer has been assigned to work on the bug, however, they don’t quite understand the impact it has on the user experience, or how to best resolve it. They’re left trying a few different solutions, and although one of them eventually works, the feature launch is now delayed.

To avoid this from happening again, the organization activates the UserTesting integration with Jira. Now, when assigning a bug, the manager of the Dev team can add a UserTesting clip to the Jira issue, delivering a first-hand account of a customer experiencing the bug. With this added contextual information, the engineer assigned to resolve the problem can quickly understand the user impact to identify the optimal solution—with no delays. And this is just one example.

What’s next?

This marks the fourth integration that we’ve built to help you extend human insights outside of the UserTesting platform, joining Trello, Slack, and Adobe XD. With clear access to information that helps your product and development teams to act on customer feedback quickly and with confidence, they are better empowered to boost productivity while creating exceptional customer experiences.

So we’re constantly exploring new and better ways to simplify the collecting and sharing of customer feedback by integrating your day-to-day external workflows into our platform. Available to all UserTesting customers using Jira, this is just one of many potential technical integrations we’ll explore in order to deliver value for you to combine best-in-class technologies across your human insights ecosystem. 

Stay tuned for future integrations that will improve your UserTesting experience.

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