Launches Marketing Insight to give marketers the ability to quickly understand changing customer needs & validate messaging, campaigns, and ads with real customer feedback

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – April 14, 2020 – Now more than ever, getting fast customer feedback has become critical as businesses look to navigate the best ways to communicate with customers. As a result, companies are turning to human insight to help them empathize with new buying behaviors, vet potential solutions, validate messaging, and hear first-hand how new experiences and campaigns are perceived before launch. UserTesting®, a leading provider of on-demand human insights, today announced several new enhancements to the Human Insight Platform that streamlines the process of gathering insights and helps all teams build a deeper understanding of their customers than ever before.

Faster Feedback for Marketers with UserTesting Marketing Insight 
Launched today, UserTesting Marketing Insight is a solution designed to help marketers get fast feedback on any campaign from existing and potential customers. Marketing Insight is designed to help marketing teams adapt to changing customer needs and get fast video feedback on any concept, campaign, messaging, or creative. With either custom or pre-built templates, marketers can better empathize with their customers and understand the behaviors that directly impact click-through rates, conversion rates, response rates, and other key marketing metrics.

“What makes Marketing Insight different from other platforms is that you clearly understand the rationale behind customer feedback. You can see and hear genuine moments of joy and frustration and that type of feedback is invaluable,” said Samantha Tazzia, Campaign Planner at Liquid Agency. “Marketing Insight is intuitive and has been easy to use right from the start. It blew my mind to see that I was able to get so much valuable feedback in just about an hour.”

“Marketers have been striving for years to understand customers through clicks, tracking data, simplistic personas, and surveys. They want to understand how to make that emotional connection and get reactions and feedback from customers, but don’t have a fast and simple way of collecting it,” said Michelle Huff, CMO of UserTesting. “With Marketing Insight, we’re creating a solution for these teams to integrate rapid feedback into their creative process from their target audience who can help them write better messaging and build better campaigns.”

UserTesting is also announcing several new features added to the Human Insight Platform for CX and UX teams, as well as design, marketing, product, and research teams.

Empathize with Any Experience, Remotely 
A series of enhancements to Live Conversation, a capability that enables companies to connect with customers in real-time with one-to-one interviews from the comfort of wherever they work. Enhancements to Live conversation include improved scheduling and rescheduling with integration to Microsoft Outlook, the ability to annotate key moments with note-taking that is synced to the video recording, and transcriptions labeled by speaker to identify key moments more rapidly. With the onset of COVID-19 resulting in work and travel restrictions, UserTesting customers have come to rely on Live Conversation for getting insights quickly. During the month leading up to the shelter in place requirements, mid-February to mid-March, UserTesting saw more than a 40 percent increase in Live Conversation tests launched and sessions completed.

Full Screen Recording for Mobile Testing increases the range of experiences that can be captured making remote testing even easier, while Secure Prototype Hosting adds a layer of security when testing sensitive prototypes and concepts.

Generate Insights More Efficiently with Test Templates
Test Templates offers a series of tools designed to make building and managing tests easier and more efficient, and helps to accelerate time to insights. A new capability, Saved Test Plans, allows users to quickly reuse commonly used test plans via the Template Library, where they can also access Saved Audiences and Saved Screener Questions. These capabilities help to scale research and empower teams to work together more efficiently. 

COVID-19 Test Plan Templates 
To help UserTesting customers navigate the current challenges related to COVID-19, UserTesting has created a series of new test plans to help businesses get feedback on their customers’ attitudes and behaviors amidst the health crisis. In addition to the three new general test templates, there are also 44 industry-specific test plans for Retail and Grocery, Travel and Hospitality, Restaurants and Food Service, and Banking and Financial Services. UserTesting has created these templates to help specific industries better understand the impact COVID-19 is having on consumer behavior, as well as to get quick customer reactions to advertisements and messaging, which enables companies to adapt more rapidly to their customers’ changing needs.

About UserTesting
UserTesting (NYSE: USER) has fundamentally changed the way organizations get insights from customers with fast, opt-in feedback and experience capture technology. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform taps into our global network of real people and generates video-based recorded experiences, so anyone in an organization can directly ask questions, hear what users say, see what they mean, and understand what it’s actually like to be a customer. Unlike approaches that track user behavior then try to infer what that behavior means, UserTesting eliminates the guesswork and brings customer experience data to life with human insight. UserTesting has more than 2,100 customers, including more than half of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands according to Forbes. UserTesting is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. To learn more, visit

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