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Joint Customers Vera Bradley, Nuance, and Nutrisystem Leverage the Power of UserTesting and Adobe XD to Create Better Customer Experiences Through Human-Centered Designs

LOS ANGELES, Calif – October 15, 2018 – Adobe MAX 2018 – UserTesting, the leading on-demand human insight platform, today announced the availability of its Adobe® XD CC plugin, making it easy for designers to get feedback on their prototypes and designs from customers in real-time and collaborate and share insights with stakeholders across the organization.

The UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD CC enables users to start gathering feedback on screen designs, mockups and prototypes directly from within the Adobe XD experience and seamlessly transition from designing a digital experience to soliciting immediate customer validation.

The UserTesting plugin will join a select group of early plugins with products like Google Cloud, Trello and Airtable to better automate workflows and connect XD to the tools and services designers use everyday.

Leading brands—including Vera Bradley, Nuance, and Nutrisystem—across a variety of industries including Banking, B2B, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology have adopted UserTesting and Adobe XD to create and deliver better customer experiences.

“The Product Detail Page (PDP) has increasingly become a critical conversion point, which raises the stakes for the PDP,” said Sarah Colletta, User Experience Architect at Vera Bradley. “That’s why it’s so important to continuously improve the entire website by first building out and testing prototypes—with real people to ensure they are customer-vetted—to deliver the best overall customer experience. As a joint customer of both platforms, a UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD will make this critical process much faster and easier for us and I’m eager to start using it.”

“With our voice recognition technology in 180 million vehicles worldwide, it’s mission-critical to get the customer experience right,” said Adam Emfield, Principal UX Manager at Nuance. “Our prototypes are often multi-modal, so we need a way to evaluate graphical elements that are paired with voice in infotainment systems in many automotive projects. Having the ability to quickly and easily get user feedback and generate ideas off of those prototypes is what makes the UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD so compelling.”

“Enabling designers to garner feedback on their work all within Adobe XD radically changes workflows and moves designers closer to their customers.” said Kilimanjaro Robbs, Senior Product Manager at UserTesting. “The value of testing designs early and frequently—before development even begins—saves time and significantly reduces cost as there is less rework.”

With the UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD, designers can now quickly reach their customer audience by creating tests that capture feedback and sentiment on their creative designs, including:

  • Prototypes and interactive designs
  • Mockups and single page designs

To download the UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD, simply download the latest version of Adobe XD that supports add ons and search for UserTesting. For Adobe XD only customers interested in trying UserTesting, request a free trial of UserTesting here.

For more information about the UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD, visit the blog post here.

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