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HR + UserTesting

How UserTesting ensures it offers the best benefits packages and its employees understand how to use them.
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About UserTesting HR

UserTesting is the leading provider of on-demand human insight used by marketers, product managers, and UX professionals across the world. With UserTesting’s on-demand Human Insight Platform, more than half of the world’s top brands make accurate customer-first decisions at every level, at the speed business demands. UserTesting is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


UserTesting HR Achieved

Greater insight into the benefits that employees actually want


Easier navigation for employees to select and use the right benefits packages


Greater ROI for the company’s investment in its new benefits platform



After the company reached new levels of success in 2019 and 2020, UserTesting planned to purchase a new array of benefits for their employees. However, the organization’s People department needed to understand the right mix of benefits that employees would actually want. The department also needed to ensure that once the company rolled out these new benefits, every employee would understand how to accurately choose from the packages available and be able to access information about their benefits going forward.


The People Team tested their annual benefits survey with a small group of employees and adjusted it based on the feedback they received. Then, they launched the benefits survey to the larger employee population to learn which types of benefits appealed to them most, and why. Through clarity from employee preferences, the People Team deployed further tests where employees evaluated the information provided about UserTesting’s new benefits and perks in the enrollment platform and the mobile app.


Based on the insights they received, UserTesting was able to offer the most comprehensive employee benefits package in its history while staying in budget. Knowing that these new benefits addressed the broader needs and wants of all employees, such as a greater focus on mental health and child/elderly care, the insights gained from testing benefits packages gave the team a much higher degree of confidence in their decision making process. And the revised messaging in their benefits deployment, also based on testing, helped the employees understand how to more easily and accurately select their packages, and use their benefits going forward. A win-win!

Corey Hatcher People Experience & Social Impact Strategist at UserTesting

"UserTesting gives you immediately actionable feedback from real people. Here in the People Department, we use those insights to improve processes that affect our entire employee population. It works so well, it's like magic!"