Highlight reel

A highlight reel, or HLR, is a curated selection of video clips edited on an insight platform. Highlight reels can include multiple video clips from the same feedback session or clips from multiple sessions. Highlight reels are easily searchable and shareable to amplify your organization's customer insight.


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What's a video clip? 

When you watch a moderated or unmoderated test session, it’s a good habit to create video clips of moments of insight or key pieces of feedback to reference later easily. Adding tags to notes and clips will help you stay organized and quickly find these assets later, such as when making a highlight reel to share your clips.

Effectively using notes and clips

Exporting transcripts to Excel

What's a highlight reel? 

Being able to surface key moments of insight quickly is critical for building exceptional experiences. 

With the Human Insight Platform, customers achieve this by watching real people narrate their thoughts out loud while engaging with their live websites, products, mobile apps, prototypes, and more—enabling organizations to see the experiences they deliver through the 

eyes of their customers.

Use highlight reels for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Sharing compelling feedback in a way that’s easily digestible
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in on a new initiative
  • Ending an internal debate about what your customers want
  • Conducting iterative research
  • Quickly showing progress over time​​​​

How to create a highlight reel

Sharing GDPR-compliant insight

In the Human Insight Platform, users create highlight reels using clips from test session videos, or they can use instant highlight reels that are automatically generated from each session task to speed up analysis and share insight faster. 

Already a UserTesting customer? Learn how to create highlight reels in this UTUniversity course. 

What's an instant highlight reel? 

For each test, instant highlight reels are auto-generated for each task. These instantly compile a highlight reel of all contributor responses to a specific task to share with other stakeholders.   

How to access an instant highlight reel

How top organizations turn highlight reels into better product experiences

Top organizations have worked with UserTesting to improve their products and experiences, leveraging highlight reels. Here’s what their teams had to say about the outcomes. 

“We’ve watched the study recordings [highlight reels] at team meet-ups, with people gathered around a TV. Sometimes, it’s mind-boggling to watch these videos.” — Shaun Andrews, Designer, Automattic

“I love making highlight reels. I can show the product team that people really are using it this way; or this layout really is better. And back it with the video evidence. It gives us that much more credibility.” — Shamraiz Gul, Senior UX Lead, Finastra

“HelloFresh holds awesome insight parties. They're these fun and interactive presentations where we, as a team, go over the most important findings. It's an amazing way to start your week off with a dose of empathy and learning. And we frequently have over 100 people in attendance.” — Alice Wang, Senior UX Researcher, HelloFresh