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UserTesting’s Live Conversation is a type of moderated test. It enables user interviews via interactive, live, remote conversations in the form of a two-way video conference across all platforms, including mobile. With Live Conversation, you and the contributor can talk, see each other, and share screens.


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Live Conversation makes it fast and straightforward to conduct live user interviews with consumers. You can observe verbal and non-verbal cues and ask open-ended questions to gather feedback about your products, services, and customer experience—increasing customer-centricity within your organization. 

Additionally, contributors can do anything they'd do in a video conference, answer questions, use a prototype or website, or react to any form of digital content. Live Conversation also supports mobile assets—prototypes, applications, and websites, allowing you to conduct tests with contributors at home, in-store, or on the go.

How Live Conversation works

Live Conversation FAQ

What are the benefits of Live Conversation?

To meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, it’s imperative to talk directly to them to learn about their needs and frustrations. Live Conversation grants you access to your customers, allowing you to know what they’re thinking, ask questions, and observe how they interact with your brand or products—enabling you to better make products and experiences that they’ll love. 

Save time

Live Conversation makes it fast and convenient to schedule conversations with your target audiences. With traditional user research methods, especially in-person formats, it may take a few weeks or longer to recruit participants, find a test location, and schedule each study before you can have 1-on-1 conversations with your users. But with Live Conversation, you have access to your users in one business day, and user interviews can be scheduled as soon as that same day. 

And with self-service scheduling using the on-demand panel of participants at UserTesting, you typically only need one business day to receive insights. You get the rich insights only available via face-to-face conversation, without the hassle and time typically required to schedule and recruit for live user interviews.

Lower cost than traditional live user interviews

With our self-service platform, any team member can set up and recruit participants for live interviews without the high costs often needed to complete user interviews. You choose the contributors' demographics and set your availability, and we do the rest. We automatically fill your studies according to the contributor parameters you set, using our proprietary, on-demand panel of over 1 million people. Plus, the UserTesting platform handles syncing calendars and sending contributors interview reminders so they won’t forget. 

And just like with other UserTesting test types, video recordings of your session will appear in your UserTesting dashboard so you can create clips and highlight reels, all within The Human Insight Platform, to share with colleagues and stakeholders. 

What organizations say about Live Conversation

Top global organizations have worked with UserTesting to improve their products and customer experiences, leveraging Live Conversation along the way. Here’s what their teams had to say about their project outcomes. 

  • "I love having live conversations with customers because it's like being in a lab, but also I can share it so easily with my stakeholders and anybody else in my team who I can invite to watch, too." — Penny Rance, UX Researcher, Post Office UK 
  • "Live Conversation allows me to do journey mapping type interviews and persona type work that I couldn’t do before because of staff and budget constraints." — Bradley Miller, Senior UX Researcher, Autotrader