A middle market, or mid-market, organization is a business with an annual revenue range of between $10 million and $1 billion—with categorizations of the lower middle market, middle market, and upper middle market.


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Similar to small businesses, there’s no set definition of a mid-market organization, as factors at play include revenue and assets. 

What are the characteristics of a mid-market organization? 

  • Approximately 48 million Americans are employed by mid-market organizations 
  • Concentrated in service-oriented industries 
  • Difficulty obtaining capital 
  • Typically not publicly traded 
  • Revenue can range from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars annually, or up to one billion 
  • Mostly privately-owned 

What should I know about mid-market organizations? 

  • The middle market represents almost 3% of all businesses in the United States
  • Despite not being classified as large, they take credit for one-third of private sector gross domestic product (GDP)  
  • Mid-market firms outpace both small and larger organizations when it comes to employment growth 

How does user feedback benefit my mid-market organization? 

UserTesting’s mid-market customers have included Evernote, FamilySearch, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, among others, and our contributors’ insight has helped them evolve into the organizations you know and use today. 

Here’s a glimpse of what user feedback can help you do: 

  • Innovate and capture market share 
  • Increase speed-to-market 
  • Adapt to evolving customer needs