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TaxSlayer + UserTesting

Watch how testing with customers helps TaxSlayer improve its software quickly.
Industry: Financial services
Company Size: Small
Role: Designer
Customer Type: B2C

About Tax Slayer

TaxSlayer is a privately held tax preparation and financial technology company based in Augusta, GA. The third-generation, family-owned company was founded in 1965 and employs 160 full-time and upwards of 300 seasonal employees.

Tax Slayer achieved

Reduction in customer time spent during tax preparation
Tax preparers have greater customer satisfaction
Year over year decrease in time on page


TaxSlayer noticed that its users were spending a significant amount of time on the Income Form selection page. It felt like there were improvements to be made. So, TaxSlayer set its sights on improving ease of use and time on task.


The team hypothesized that the form selection page wasn’t prioritized for scannability. They developed two new design approaches. Then, they ran a series of usability tests via UserTesting and compared self-reported ease-of-use alongside each user's time on task.


When TaxSlayer measured users' time on task, the results were significant. The existing design clocked users averaging 17.65 seconds to locate a form in the list. But through the design changes, they brought that time down to 3.63 seconds. That was a 79% reduction in time on task. They also found a year over year 7.37% reduction in time on page, meaning tax preparers were completing their taxes quicker.

Jesse Nichols
UX Designer

"Thanks to UserTesting, our users are now able to find their tax forms more quickly and efficiently."