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Tesco Bank + UserTesting

Learn how the UK retail bank understands customer behaviors, tests marketing materials, and developed their online claims process
Industry: Financial services
Company Size: Large
Role: Marketer, Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank is a UK retail bank formed in 1997 and is wholly-owned by Tesco, the largest supermarket in the United Kingdom. Today, Tesco Bank serves more than five million customers across a range of banking, insurance, and money services products. Tesco Bank's goal is to help Tesco shoppers manage their money a little better every day.

Tesco Bank achieved

Testing of in-store ads for credit cards and letters to customers
Development of the online claims process for auto accidents
Ethnographic study helped build the Clubcard Pay+ program


Catherine Richards, Head of Customer Design at Tesco Bank, recognized that working with UserTesting contributors, to hear their perspectives and observe their interactions with marketing programs, would help the organization become even more customer-obsessed.

And gathering human insight during the discovery phase of projects helps Tesco Bank mitigate risk before they go live with a product or service. With that in mind, Tesco Bank solicits human insight toward many of their important projects.

Solution and outcome

Tesco Bank’s Customer Design Team tested posters for credit cards in Tesco stores. They had three options: two different creative posters with photography or a more functional poster that showed credit cards with explanations about rates. Contributors preferred the functional option, and this insight helped settle the debate among Tesco Bank’s Marketing leadership. 

Tesco Bank also tested letters to customers who face critical problems with debt. The bank wanted to test the explanations and the calls to action with UserTesting contributors, to ensure that customers reading the letter could select the right paths from among some relatively complex financial explanations. Human insight helped Tesco Bank settle on the right tone, as well as accurate wording that helped customers understand how to follow up as needed. 

Tesco Clubcard is one of the oldest supermarket loyalty programs in the world. As of 2021, the Clubcard program has more than 20 million members in the UK alone. Catherine Richards and Andy Dykes, Design Principal, have investigated Clubcard pricing for Tesco Bank. They use UserTesting to evaluate the in-store execution and merchandising of this program. Insights from contributors help them decide on the optimal layouts, explanations, and offers that customers will understand and enjoy.  

Similarly, Tesco Bank recently tested the rollout for their Clubcard Pay+ card. After the completion of a 12-week ethnographic study, Tesco Bank ran tests with UserTesting contributors to review the program - including the Round Up feature, which has successfully helped Clubcard Pay+ customers to save. 

Tesco Bank has also made major improvements to its online insurance claims process—one of the first in the industry—enabling customers to submit accident claims 100% online. Customers can upload photos, digitally enhance those photos, and receive directions to a local garage through Google Maps. Improving the online claims process mitigated risk for Tesco Bank because it provides protection and confidence for customers during what can often be a difficult and vulnerable time. As a result, this program has helped the organization achieve its highest net promoter score.

Catherine Richards
Head of Customer Design, Tesco Bank
“UserTesting is a real staple for us in the design practice at Tesco Bank. It allows us to connect with customers and understand customers in much more depth.”
Andy Dykes
Design Principal, Tesco Bank
“Human insight becomes the glue that helps us take ideas and concepts and turn them into business value.”