First impressions

Gather people's first impression of products, apps, messaging, and more
first impressions

Use this template to:

  • Understand how your overall product or experience conveys who you are, what you're selling, and why you’re relevant within five seconds or less

  • Get a gut check for how your customers perceive your product or experience

  • Gather feedback to ensure sure your graphics and copy work in tandem and convey the right story to your customers

  • Ensure logos, contact information, and any CTAs are clearly displayed and noticeable in the first seconds someone interacts with the experience

  • You can also use this template to better understand:

    • Product—initial thoughts about a product and why people respond a certain way

    • Pricing—reactions to price and why people respond a certain way

    • Messaging and images, App Store listings, CTAs, social media posts, and more

First impressions happen quickly and can have a long-lasting impact after a customer has interacted with your brand. Discover how you can influence your customers’ opinions in those critical first few seconds or minutes.