UserTesting + Fuel Cycle

Collect real human insight from all your target audiences

Organizations need a scalable, efficient way to connect with their target audiences and facilitate continuous feedback and communication. However, effectively managing these audience groups can be challenging without the right solutions in place.

The UserTesting Human Insight Platform empowers businesses to see, hear, and talk with their audiences remotely as they experience products, apps, and messaging. When coupled with Fuel Cycle’s online community, organizations can more effectively reach, engage, and empathize with their customers, prospects, and product users to scale customer feedback initiatives.

The Fuel Cycle and UserTesting integration empowers organizations with solutions they need to create communities of product users and prospects and to make informed business decisions based on in-depth feedback.


Build empathy-driven organizations with UserTesting and Fuel Cycle


Connect with highly-specific audiences

Collect human insight from communities of specific, hard-to-reach audiences with Fuel Cycle progressive profiling

video camera illustration UserTesting

Capture rich, video-based feedback

Complement other types of feedback, like surveys, already available to your community members to understand the why behind what's happening

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Manage and engage your communities

Facilitate continuous feedback loops and more actively engage with community members with UserTesting

UserTesting and Fuel Cycle

By combining Fuel Cycle’s robust online community and global panel management capabilities with UserTesting’s on-demand Human Insight platform, businesses can:

  • Easily collect fast feedback
  • Build a deeper understanding of customers and community members on an ongoing basis
  • Make more customer-centric business decisions

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