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CarMax + UserTesting

How CarMax leverages UserTesting to run tests that enable them to empathize with their customers, innovate their products, and enhance the buyer journey.
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About CarMax

CarMax is America's largest used-car retailer and a Fortune 500 company with more than 195 stores across the US and with over 8 million cars sold.

CarMax Achieved
Able to gather customer feedback more quickly and frequently
Improved understanding of the customer experience
Increase in product enhancements that maximize revenue and improve conversions


CarMax wanted to improve their products and enhance the customer experience in innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition, but their team lacked access to valuable customer insights.


UserTesting enabled CarMax to test how their users responded to aspects of their website, prototypes, landing pages, mobile apps, and even TV commercials. Being able to leverage UserTesting instead of gathering feedback through in-person tests helped the company gather feedback more quickly and frequently while reducing costs and saving time.


CarMax’s product team is able to watch videos of these tests and use the insights they gather to create empathy maps and determine which product features and improvements to prioritize. The insights gathered also allow the team to quickly evaluate, validate, and iterate on product ideas that will impact revenue and conversions.

Chip Trout
Chip Trout Senior Manager, Product Design

"What I love about UserTesting is that we can launch a test and minutes later we’re getting valuable customer feedback."