Eccentric Engine + UserTesting

Watch how Eccentric Engine develops 3D technology to improve the car buying experience in India and beyond

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  • 5x
    Increase in customers completing online forms toward the purchase process
  • 30%
    More customer interactions based on a new product tutorial
  • Insight to product developers to improve Eccentric Engine’s 3D software
With UserTesting, we are seeing increased conversion rates across the board.
Varun Shah CEO, Eccentric Engine
Varun Shah CEO, Eccentric Engine
  • Customer Story Teaser Images. Images are used in the cards on the Customer Story Listing Page.
    Watch how rapid prototyping and testing with UserTesting contributors helped increase customer renewals by 133%
  • Teaser Images for Customer Stories. These teaser images are used for the Customer Story cards on the Customer Stories Listing page.
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    Watch how Tucows evaluated perceptions from website visitors to rebrand and attract better employees
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