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Eccentric Engine + UserTesting

Watch how Eccentric Engine develops 3D technology to improve the car buying experience in India and beyond
Industry: Technology, Automotive
Company Size: Small
Role: Designer, Product Manager
Customer Type: B2B, B2C

About Eccentric Engine

Headquartered in Mumbai, Eccentric Engine is working on building a showroom-like experience in the virtual world. It does so by enabling realistic, 3D visualization of cars across touchpoints. They are the first company in the Metaverse space to dedicate themselves to the automotive industry. Original equipment manufacturers and dealerships use Eccentric Engine's software to preview parts and vehicles for their customers in India and in Europe. 

Eccentric Engine achieved

Increase in customers completing online forms toward the purchase process
More customer interactions based on a new product tutorial
Insight to product developers to improve Eccentric Engine’s 3D software


Eccentric Engine’s primary goal is to improve the purchase process for car companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by providing amazing 3D visualizations of parts and vehicles to prospective buyers. End users evaluate potential car purchases through initial reviews of a vehicle, all the way to a transaction. Although they may not make a final purchase online, they work with Eccentric Engine’s platform on every aspect of buying their car, from choosing colors and trim, to personalizing the shopping experience by naming and saving the potential purchase (e.g., "My wife's birthday gift").

Eccentric Engine needed to evaluate every aspect of the end user’s experience with their software so they could provide the optimal experience for them—and, in turn, the best service for OEMs and dealers. Collaborating across the UX, Analytics, and Product teams, Eccentric Engine planned an audit of their virtual showroom with UserTesting.


UserTesting gave Eccentric Engine the ability to observe customers’ responses and sentiments when they transition from using a two-dimensional (2D) website to a more immersive 3D experience, and track that experience toward ultimately buying a car. Can a customer rotate a car, look inside, and select the options for a given vehicle? It’s not enough for customers to feel impressed; they need to smoothly navigate through menus and interfaces. And they should enjoy that journey.

Early testing revealed that many customers still struggle to navigate the 3D space. They were treating Eccentric Engine like a traditional, 2D website. Users didn’t necessarily drop off, but they were unable to engage deeply with the software. One UserTesting contributor, for instance, struggled to move his view from the front seat to the back seat of the car. 

In India, white is the most popular car color because buyers assume that white cars resell for more. Testing showed that customers admire other colors, but they generally still select white cars in the end. So by highlighting white cars first in 3D, Eccentric Engine was on the right track!

Observing users navigate workflows also clarified alternative paths for the software. Users were supposed to log in, create a view of their car, and then save their data. But customers didn’t understand that they needed to login first—before completing the other steps.


Eccentric Engine introduced modifications so customers can create their car views and then build a profile later, without losing their data. Developers and designers have also made the software more intuitive. Customers can easily zoom into the cars initially. Achieving this simple task impresses them and breaks down one barrier to trying deeper 3D functions. To further facilitate ease of use, the UX Team built tutorials that showcase how to complete a tour, inside and outside a car.

Eccentric Engine quickly saw a 30% rise in customer interactions based on their new product tutorial, as well as a 5x increase in conversation rates - i.e., customers completing online forms toward the purchase of a car. A better product experience that continues to please users, as well as directly impact profitability for dealerships and OEMS, will help Eccentric Engine grow the automotive market in India and beyond.

Varun Shah
CEO, Eccentric Engine
"With UserTesting, we are seeing increased conversion rates across the board."